The Three Best Places to Travel After a Divorce


Almost anyone can benefit from a holiday. Especially those who’ve recently undergone a huge life change – like a divorce.

Once you’ve found the right divorce lawyers, legal separation is often straightforward. After it’s finished, you’re able to celebrate.

What better way to do this than with a holiday?

With this in mind, we list the best places to travel after a divorce.

1. Bali

Do you want to unwind? If so, why not visit Bali? The island has long been linked with spirituality – and it’s easy to see why.

Its ancient Uluwatu Temple overlooks the ocean, while its white beaches provide the perfect place for downtime.

Should you seek guided relaxation, it boasts an array of meditation and yoga retreats. Alternatively, even a stroll here could help you to achieve calm. Jasmine grows across Australasia, and it’s heavily linked with serenity.

Journey to Bali, and you could gain a stronger peace of mind. And isn’t that what holidays are mostly about?

2. Croatia

Do you seek cultural intrigue? Do you want to find it at a low cost? Then look no further than Croatia. The destination offers beauty, history, and affordability.

That’s what makes it so unique. Despite having joined the EU in 2013, it has kept its original currency, the Kuna. Whilst the pound has slumped against the dollar, it remains relatively strong again Croatian money. Holiday here after your divorce, and you’re likely to save money.

Even better, a lot of its natural wonders are easy to reach from its main cities. It’s just a coach ride from its capital Zagreb to the Plitvice Lakes national park, for example. Likewise, costal haven Split is a reasonably short drive from Zadar.

Holiday in Croatia, and you could view various delights – at a cheap price. What’s not to love?

3. Paris

This may seem like an odd choice. But Paris doesn’t have to be a romantic place to visit. Very often, it’s best explored alone.

Why? It’s simple: as a solo traveller, you can peruse its charms at your leisure – you don’t have to wait for anyone else.

You can stroll along the seine at your own pace. Or visit its museums in your own time. Many say that the French capital is unique – so why shouldn’t your adventure there be?

The city isn’t just for couples – it’s for individuals. Take a post-divorce trip there, and you could see this for yourself. Why don’t you make your own mark on it?

A trip away may be all you need to rejuvenate after a big event. If you’ve recently divorced, why not treat yourself to a vacation? It could enable you to return home refreshed.

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