6 Things to Prioritize When Driving Rental Cars in Cold Countries

6 Things to Prioritize When Driving Rental Cars in Cold Countries

Just because the weather seems unkind and it’s a bit on the harsher side of cold, does not mean that you have to lock yourself in and ruin a perfectly good holiday. This is exactly why car rental services are available throughout the year, all over the world, specifically in the winter ridden countries.

Not every country gets exposed to a harsh winter that brings on winter storms and ice hills, but in the event of visiting a foreign country with a harsh winter, it may seem perplexing as to what to do when dealing with the slippery roads and icy weather while driving. Driving a rental car in a stormy weather doesn’t have to be risky and dangerous if you are well prepared and know what to do to protect yourself and the rental car.

6 Things to Prioritize When Driving Rental Cars in Cold Countries

1. Snow Chains

It is vital for you and your safety to know that not every company offers snow chains, so don’t rent a car expecting that the company will offer them within the package. There are some regions where using snow chains is vital, so some companies might offer them; however, it is better if you prioritize your safety and car’s by making sure that the chains won’t cause any kind of damage, since paying for a rental car can be costly.

2. Ski Racks

It would be much better for you, if you have an idea or two about rental car services and what they offer. There are many rental car services that allow certain added packages, like ski racks that are added to the price of the car. You could use these ski racks to support you on the road to ensure your safety. Not every company is like the other, some companies add ski racks and snow chains, and some others avoid the risk of offering snow chains with the rental car, so don’t expect to always have snow chains as an offer within the package.

3. Rational Thinking

If you are not used to driving on an icy road, you should really consider familiarizing yourself with the dos and don’ts of driving on an icy road. You should be really careful of over correcting a slide in a rental car, since it could lead to drastic accident. If your rented car slides on the road don’t steer the wheel the other way; on the contrary, you should go into the slide instead of causing an overcorrection, which will only lead to an accident.

4. Pay Attention to the Policies

Every car rental company has its own rules and policies that could be different from another company with the same service. It is better to keep in mind that before you rent the car, you familiarize yourself as much as possible with the rules and policies of the company. Not every company allows snow chains to be put on the rented car’s tires, so if someone did that, they will have to pay for the car, which is very costly. There are some rules and regulations that address installing tire chains properly to avoid any kind of damage. There are many people who haven’t paid much attention to the policies, which really affected their bank account, so it is always better to posterize familiarizing yourself with the rules before renting a car.

5. Be Prepared

You can never be too careful, sometimes even when we think we are prepared enough or have taken enough precaution to help us within our journey, something always finds a way to go wrong. You should always have safety kit and remember how to get your car out if it got stuck in the snow. You can look up tips for driving in Iceland and know what are the procedures that you should take in order to get your rental car out of the snow.

6. Request Snow Chains

Before renting a car in a snowy season, you should be aware that there are some regions where you will need to have snow chains with you, and so if you are in those areas then you might want to request snow chains from the car rental service that allows the usage of tire chains. Don’t expect every company to allow chains some don’t; however, there are some companies that will provide you with the option and you can always check the box that requests snow chains.

Your safety should come first and be prioritized before anything else. There are plenty of car rental companies out there that have their policies, car types, and packages. It is okay if you felt uncomfortable with one, there will always be other companies out there. Keep in mind that while some companies don’t offer snow chains, there are some companies that do. It is better to prioritize the types of packages and which one you’ll use, the company’s rules before renting the car and checking if you’re okay with them or not, and requesting snow chains if the company offers any.

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