9 Foods You Must Not Miss When You Travel To Malta

9 Foods You Must Not Miss When You Travel To Malta

A Mediterranean hot spot for travelers on holiday is Malta. Because the country enjoys the sunshine more than 300 days a year, it's a favorite holiday destination for those seeking blue skies and crisp waters. Along with its historical sights and architectural wonders, Malta is famed for its food. During your stay, you'll find everything from cheese to traditional pastries, pasta, and seafood. If you like local food that's truly fresh, you'll love dining in Malta.

Here are nine must-try Maltese dishes.

1. Aljotta

Fans of light seafood dishes will adore aljotta, a soup comprised of herbs, garlic, lemon and citrus, and a bevy of seafood including rockfish, mussels, octopus and prawns. You'll find aljotta on many restaurant menus around Malta.

2. Stuffat Tal-Fenek

This is Malta's national dish, and it's essentially a rabbit stew. The main ingredient, rabbit, is slow cooked along with many flavorful and hearty ingredients, such as carrots, onions, potatoes, and garlic. After braising in a tomato gravy for hours, the result is a fall-off-the-bone dish that will please any palette. Because of its popularity, Stuffat Tal-Fenek is easy to find at Malta eateries.

3. Bigilla

Eating bigilla is like savoring the ultimate bean dip. It's made with mashed fava beans, garlic, herbs, and olive oil -- not only is it delicious but healthy as well. This Maltese dish is often eaten as a side dish or appetizer.

4. Gbejniet

Varieties of cheese abound in Malta, and gbejniet is one of the most notable. It's available three ways: cured, dried, and a fresh, softer variety. This cheese is often flavored with salt, pepper, and spices, but you can also find it plain. Along with enjoying gbejniet by itself, it's also used in place of ricotta, fried, as a component in pies, and in salads. When you book your Malta holidays through Choice Holidays, don't forget to try this delicious traditional cheese.

5. Imqaret

Imqaret is a pastry that's cut into diamond shapes, filled with a sweet date filling, and then fried. Eating imgaret that's been freshly made is a joyous experience, as it's a treat that has a great balance of sweetness and richness. At restaurants, the pastry is often served with a few scoops of ice cream and powdered sugar, but it's perfect on its own.

6. Brungiel Mimli

Many countries have their own version of stuffed eggplant, and brungiel mimli is Malta's take on this classic dish. You'll find brungiel mimli made with all sorts of fillings, from vegetarian versions to those containing cheese, toasted bread, minced meat, olives and tomatoes. It can be eaten as a side dish or main dish and is a nice option for those who want to eat lightly while on holiday.

7. Timpana

Maltese cuisine features many pasta dishes, but timpana stands out for two reasons: it's super carb heavy and full of flavor. This dish contains puffed pastry filled with baked pasta coated in savory meat bolognese. Bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and many other ingredients make timpana taste so good. This dish is heavy and can easily stand alone with no sides.

8. Ottijiet

One of the loveliest cookies that you'll find in Malta is ottijiet. At its core it's a butter cookie, but it has an exotic twist. The flavors of ottijiet include clove, anise, and sesame, and it has a crisp and crumbly texture that's irresistible. Some eat this cookie for dessert after lunch or dinner, but it's more often eaten during tea time or with coffee. If you like a treat for breakfast, you'll be glad to know that ottijiet is also served with morning meals.

9. Kinnie

Maltese lagers are known around the world, but there's another drink that you'll only find in Malta: Kinnie. It's a non-alcoholic soda that primarily gets its flavor from bitter oranges. Unofficially regarded as the nation's soft drink, Kinnie can be found just about everywhere in the country. Its usually enjoyed as is, but sometimes it's used as a mixer in cocktails.

During your holiday getaway there will be plenty to do, see, and enjoy in Malta. One of the key highlights of this gorgeous gem along the Mediterranean Sea is the food. Whether you like to indulge in seafood, sweets, or savory snacks, Malta has something for everyone. Try these dishes and explore the country to discover its other culinary delights.

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