Come and discover what the island of Malta has to offer – sun, sea, sports and an English course!

An often underestimated holiday destination, Malta has much more to offer tourists than simply a beach resort in the Mediterranean. Its location 93km south of Sicily and 288km north of Africa mean that the island’s climate is pleasant all year round but there is so much more to discover in Malta than beautiful beaches and isolated bays – although these are also not to be missed.

Malta’s fascinating history stretches back 7000 years and its several archaeological sites are a visible reminder of the island’s pre-history. A wander through Malta’s towns and villages reveals a historical site at almost every turn giving tourists a real sense of what Malta was like in medieval times through to its more recent, colonial history.

Malta’s beaches provide the perfect antidote to a morning exploring its history and, whether you’re looking to share a beach with other sun-seekers or you’d prefer a quieter, more isolated spot, Malta caters for you. The Blue Lagoon is a sheltered cove with beautiful blue waters in contrast to some of the island’s bigger beaches which offer the opportunity to try your hand at water sports from wind surfing to sea-kayaking. The crystal-clear waters surrounding Malta are home to an array of reefs and caves and a variety of marine life and provide the perfect location for scuba diving. Divers of all abilities and experience can discover this underwater world for themselves with many dive schools operating from the main beaches.

Unsurprisingly for a Mediterranean island, the fresh seafood in Malta is delicious. You will never be far from a restaurant waiting to prepare the catch of the day for you or, if you fancy yourself as a master chef, why not head to a local fish market and have a go at cooking the freshly-caught seafood yourself! Follow up this seafood feast with a few drinks in one of Malta’s lively nightspots.

All of these reasons and more, combined with the fact that Malta is a bilingual country, make the island an increasingly popular choice for a language holiday. English, as a world language, is vital when travelling and the standard of English teaching here is carefully regulated by the Maltese authorities so an English course in Malta can deliver results. Maltalingua, an English language school near the lively St. Julian’s Bay, is offering you the chance to win a free, 2-week English course at their school; you just need to successfully guess how many tiles are in their swimming pool!

So now is surely the time to discover a new holiday destination and enjoy a relaxing and rewarding trip to the beautiful island of Malta.

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