Why Dubai is the Ideal Location for a Skydiving Trip

Why Dubai is the Ideal Location for a Skydiving Trip

The thing about skydiving is that it’s on most people’s bucket list. Once they do it, they always come back for more of the same. The adrenaline-filled rush of the jump, the initial crippling fear and the subsequent feeling of absolute freedom is an experience that cannot be replicated by any other adventure in the world. For those who have not yet experienced the thrill of skydiving yet, or if you have and you want to try it again from a new place, we recommend a skydiving trip to Dubai. With so many Dubai hotel deals available, the Middle-Eastern city is not only the ideal location for your next skydiving trip but it’s also the perfect luxury vacation spot for your entire family.

The View is Stunning

When you are standing near the door of a plane that’s flying thousands of feet above the Palm Jumeirah Islands, apart from the adrenaline rush in your own body, the first thing you will notice is the stunning view of the sea and the manmade islands thousands of feet below you. It’s a spectacular vision that actually makes you want to jump out of the plane towards it!

The Safety Protocols are Pretty Tight

While skydiving is a death-defying, daredevil sport, it’s important to get the “defying” part right and since most of us are amateurs, it’s good to know that the safety protocols are pretty tight.

• If you have any joint issues, especially in your neck, shoulder, or back, the diving instructors will advise against skydiving
• You have to be less than or equal to 100 kg/212 lbs to qualify for the dive
• Skydiving gear is a must for everybody, including the instructors
• They may delay or even cancel the dive if the weather is deemed as unsafe

Multiple Diving Points

There are two skydiving destinations in Dubai whereas most places have only one. Both of them are part of Skydive Dubai, which is an immensely successful initiative by local skydiver H.E. Nasser Al Neyadi. The more popular location is the Palm Zone and just as the name suggests, the Palm Zone is a diving point high above the beautiful Palm Jumeirah. Once you have tried out the Palm Zone, it’s time to head towards Margam in the middle of the desert and close to the Al-Ain road. The locations are unique in their own way and a skydiving trip to Dubai is incomplete unless you have tried them both.

There’s So Much Else

You have so much to look forward to, in-between and after your dives in Dubai that even the members of your family who are not making the jump will love the trip. Check out the list below to get an idea of what we are talking about here.

• The artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah
• The tallest building in the world: Burj Khalifa
• Old Dubai (Bastakia) stands a testament to late 19th-Century Middle-Eastern architecture
• The beautiful and ancient Dubai Creek
• The astounding Jumeirah Mosque
• The traditional souk markets of Deira
• Heritage and Diving Village, a place where the old Arabic culture is still retained
• The Dubai Aquarium with its 140+ species of wild sea life

The list is simply too big to fit them all in here. Just know that you will probably not have enough time to see everything on your first skydiving trip to Dubai. It’s basically an excellent place for a vacation even if you don’t plan to skydive, but if you do have such plans it’s probably going to be that perfect vacation you haven’t had yet. The only thing to keep in mind is that a visit to Dubai should be planned roughly in-between November and March: things might get too hot after that.

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