3 Most Scenic Motorcycle Tours from Around the World

Most scenic motorcycle tour from around the world that you should never miss

A motorcycle tour is getting a lot of attention now and people are getting interested in it. Although some are still worried about its safety, people are now giving it a chance.

Motorcycle touring is a form of tourism where obviously, with the use of a motorcycle. You don't know how to drive one? You don't have to worry, they have professional riders that will drive you safely as you go through the tour or you can either bring your own motorcycle and join the other riders as they go along the tour with you.

Speaking of motorcycle tours, here's a recommendation where you can enjoy the tour at its best. These are (for me) the most scenic motorcycle tour from around the world.

1. Indonesia

If you are into dramatic scenes, then you should choose Indonesia's motorcycle tour. Indonesia markets itself as Wonderful Indonesia and we can't even argue with that. They have picturesque landscapes, impressive temples, and stunning tropical jungles. Did I mention already that Indonesia has the second largest tropical forest in the world next to Brazil? So yes, I guess that justified that they have stunning jungles and wonderful landscapes. Aside from that, they also have panoramic views of the beach since the island is surrounded by the ocean and as the world’s largest archipelago. They have rich culture and history waiting to unfold too. If you are an avid fan of histories, then this is for you.

2. Himalayan

Himalaya is known as the best motorcycle trail in India and there's no need to argue about that, specifically the Leh-Manali Highway, aka the Trans-Himalayan. With its breathtaking views of the mountains, thrilling rough road, and astounding rivers, you'll never question why it is said to be the best motorcycle ride experience in India. You'll get to see up close the real beauty of the dry sand, and appreciate it more than hate it. Meet the locals as they show you how beautiful their culture is. Definitely motorcycle tours in Himalaya is a must-try!

3. Mongolia

Mongolia is known as the "Land of Blue Skies". It is because they have about 250 sunny days, so better yet prepare for an outdoor experience more than anywhere in the world. Mongolia is another perfect destination for a motorcycle tour because of its many types of terrains and that includes spectacular deserts and verdant mountains. If you are a nature lover and seeks inner peace through nature, then you should not miss traveling the beauty of Mongolia.

Still not convinced? Well, you should go check the Vintage Rides. With a concept of "A passion for old-fashioned adventure", I am sure that you will get the best experience specifically on motorcycle tours. They have professional riders so you are sure that your trip will be safe. They have a well-organized itinerary so rest assured that you will experience the best and make the most out of your trip.

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