Three Great Reasons to Make Camping Part of Your Next Adventure Holiday

Three Great Reasons to Make Camping Part of Your Next Adventure Holiday

For adventure enthusiasts, the sense of wanderlust is ever present. No matter how many countries you’ve visited, or how many phenomenal memories you’ve already made, you’ll always want the chance to tick another destination off your extensive bucket list.

But travelling is expensive, and traditional holiday packages just aren’t set up to deliver the sorts of experiences that you crave. You want something different, out of the ordinary, and economical enough to leave you a little bit of money left over for your next adventure.

Here are just three of the reasons why we’re convinced that camping could be the perfect solution...

#1: Location

Campsites are always located in the most beautiful places. Set up outside of the hustle and bustle of city life, and well away from the smog and pollution of modern living, they’re the perfect base for going on your adventures, because they’re already located exactly where you want to be: in open spaces. Often situated right next to hiking trails or known rock climbing hotspots, you can choose the destinations that you want to visit and the experiences that you wish to have, and then simply find one of the many campsites located close to them.

#2: Price

Travelling is expensive, and the more of it you wish to do, the more it’s going to cost you. The solution? Keep everything as economical as you can. From flying at odd hours to cooking your own meals rather than buying them, there are lots of ways to cut your expenditure, and camping is one of them. Hiring a pitch is always going to be less pricey than a hotel or hostel, so look to your purse, find a beautiful spot, and you have a solution that ticks every box.

#3: The Authentic Outdoor Experience

When you choose to camp, you have the added boon of knowing that you’ll get the authentic outdoor experience. Most adventurers prefer not to be cooped up in a hotel, with the sound of traffic passing below creating a constant roar in their ears. They want to hear the crickets singing and a fire blazing, to look outside of their tent and see the stars twinkling above them. This is something that camping can deliver. If you want wildlife snuffling around outside rather than room service and somebody’s else children loudly careening along the corridors, then it really is the clear winner.

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