5 Types of People You Should Avoid Traveling With

5 Types of People You Should Avoid Traveling With

Let's admit it, most, if not all of us, love to travel. For some, it is a form of a hobby or an interest; to others, maybe a way of relaxation to free themselves from the stresses of life or can also be a way of just being up-to-date with the current go-to places so as not to be left behind on their Facebook status updates.

Since most of us travel with a group - well spare me, for I usually travel alone - we have to make sure that the people we go on trips are the ones we are comfortable with.

Recently, some of my coworkers went on a trip to a famous beach somewhere south for the weekend. Of course, I think it has been a nature of us Filipinos to be talking about it (as if they weren't there) once we are back, just like when me and my friends got to see a good movie and couldn't stop from talking about it. They started talking about the activities they did, the pictures they've taken and the funniest moments during the trip like, when somebody vomit in the bar, or slipped while riding the boat and stuff like that.

Then, came the juiciest part of their convo, sorry guys not a gossiper but you know when you get to hear some rants like: "Gosh, She was so maarte!" or "Hay naku, he just slept during the travel" and more... After having my own dose of complains, I decided to walk out of the lounge having this in mind, "A good trip ruined by petty things." That is why I decided to do go on a survey.

I asked random people about their experiences while traveling and asked them what kinds of people they are not going to travel with. Well, the responses were quite overwhelming and can you imagine that some of them while talking about it, have fire in their eyes as if ready to burn me so I cut the conversation short.

After the deliberation, of course with myself, I was able to come up with this list:

1. The Picky or "Maarte"

"I don’t like traveling with somebody who is "maarte." You just can't enjoy the trip because you have to think about him/her all the time," says Cyril, a foreign language instructor.

2. The Nonsense

According to Elly, a writer, "Traveling includes time on the road, meaning long hours of trip while you're on your way to somewhere so you got to be with someone who is intelligent and spontaneous enough to hold a conversation with you. It's not a good idea that your cause of death is, BOREDOM."

3. The Sleepy Head

"I don’t want to travel with someone who is just sleeping on the entire trip and would just wake up when you get to the destination." Kath, a blogger responded. "Naps are okay but sleeping as if there’s no tomorrow? Girl, you could have just stayed on your bed," she added.

4. The Selfish and Inconsiderate

One of them, MJ, a manager, said, "I don’t like traveling with people who are just thinking about themselves like the food, the activities or everything. For me, a good trip is something where everybody is enjoying."

5. The Stingy

"Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we have to spend lavishly on a trip, but you know it's not really a good idea to be always "LIBRE" when you are traveling. You go on a trip so better be ready to spend some cash," Niel, a call center agent replied.

There you go, our top 5 people who you should avoid going on trips with. Seriously, if we are on this list; this write-up is not intended to hurt people, rather, a chance for us to change some of our not so good habits so that we'll not lose our travel buddies.

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Mary Monkey said...

Traveling with an overspender. Someone who wants to check in to expensive hotels. I am not rich so I always travel on a budget. And I also travel solo because most people who can come with dig expensive hotels and hate long walks or hiking. They probably just want the idea of being in a different place but same activities (coffee at Starbucks, malling, and stuff). It's better if your companion is willing to meet you halfway financially.

Darry Ontua said...

Waahh!! Kuhang kuha mo. That is why I also wanted to travel alone. I dont care if i will be lost.

Anonymous said...

The phone addict. Someone who updates his/her social sites every 5 mins. I mean, it's not bad. But when you are on your phone the whole time, common! PLUS those who get irritated when someone or something out of your control gets in his/her way posting pic on their ig or fb. ��

Aris Consuegra said...

The BRAGGART as if he always wants to be the center of the group's conversation.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing about traveling. You cant write for shit, either. No pun intended, brother.

Ray An said...

I would like to try it as well. But I have to shoulder the transpo or accomodation expenses hehe

Ray An said...

I would like that to but that means I would have to shoulder all the expenses like for transpo or food hehe.

Dhee Ameli said...

Well i have been a solo backpacker and the very reason why i wanna travel alone because of those reasons. Well yes its good to travel with friends but nah! I always choose the people i travel with! ��

Anonymous said...

Hahaha truuuue!!! Tapos minsan pag mas maganda kuha mo ng photos compare sa kanya magagalit lol

Unknown said...

The dependent, the one who just jump in your journey then depends everything on you such as the route, where to go, where to eat etc. It's a travel and traveling with someone means you should work as a team. Do your part in the journey, do your own research hindi ung nakaasa ka na lang lagi sa kasama mo, ang hirap kaya magplano ng travel lalo pag budget traveling.

LenraD Nisamad said...

Travel buddy who keeps on complaining. Who is scared to do extra mile activities. Who bully you just to have fun and when you bully back they will get mad at you. Shoot! Travel buddy who wants to be the center of attraction as if a celebrity or fame person, duh!

Anonymous said...

avoid the bloggers, maysadong elitista, at matagal mag picture, mostly wala pang pera.,

Anonymous said...

Yung parang dinala ka dun as photographer? Eh di wow.

Anonymous said...

These are common people. I mean we see them everyday, not just when we are traveling. No pun intended.

Alvin John Ceniza said...

Where's the pun in your comment?

Anonymous said...

Ayokong na ulit kasma ung taong pag naglakad ng kaunti pagod na!mag angasan kming mag asawa,nakikialam,gusto picture ng picture,sichiria at candy lng ang alam baunin,hindi naglalabas ng pang tollgate at pang gasolina,laging sasabihin na ako muna babayaran n lng nya eh hindi nmn.laging masakit ulo,bili ng bili ng kung anu2.pagdating sa huli uutang sa akin eh yung dala kong budget sobra lng lagi ng 200 pesos!hindi pwede magsalita ng badwords,laging xa bida,pero kabaligtaran xa ang kontrabida.

Anonymous said...

Pag DIY trip, ayoko ng kasama na matagal gumayak. As if walang pupuntahan. Tapos manghihinayang na merong namiss sa itinerary. Duh! ��

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