Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling Solo That You Must Know

Traveling has always been a rewarding experience for all of us. It is a good way for us to relax and rest from our busy schedules of pictorials, mall shows and autograph signing, haha! Kidding aside, it is a very good way for us to escape our fast paced lives. For the majority with a group, for some doing it alone or going SOLO. Hellooo, I am not guilty, please don't judge me.

Wait, wait… if this is your first time to embark on such trip, then this is for you; a list of the good and the not so good things of traveling alone. After reading this, decide whether solo trip is your thing or not.

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I believe that the advantages of going on a trip solo outweigh its disadvantages. Let's take a look on the list I compiled. Let's start with the disadvantages.

The disadvantages of traveling solo:

1. Well, you're all alone.

Imagine when you are going through some hard times when the rain started falling while you are on the bus with the water splashing against the window while Whitney Houston is belting out “where do broken hearts goooo…” on the background. Since you’re solo, you’ve got no one to turn to, to share what you feel at that moment.

2. Since you're alone, you have to take "selfies" all the time.

This sometimes seems so awkward when you are alone. Take it from me, it’s based on my own experience. Some people would start staring at you as if you’re E.T. or some sort of an alien when you bring out your phone to take some pictures of yourself. You’ve got another option for this matter, that is, if you’re brave enough to ask somebody to take a picture of you using your phone. Reminder: Return of item, not guaranteed.

3. Sheep happens no matter how prepared you are for anything.

I think I would finish my list of disadvantages on this one. Sheep (yeah I mean it, it's not a typo error) happens no matter how prepared you are for anything. Emergencies do happen on a trip like suddenly running out of cash and no ATM available. Because you are alone, oh dear you are in a big trouble.

To sum up, because you are solo on your trip, you got to do things in your own capacity. Caution and preparation is a must. Not to mention a higher level of security.

Now let's move on with the advantages...

The advantages of traveling solo:

1. Freedom.

Do I have to elaborate on this one? Haha of course. Traveling alone, would spare you the worries of thinking about other people or companions. Not being selfish, but it is a good idea to make decisions on your own without the thought of asking people first, sometimes. Eat anything, anywhere you want. Do whatever you want to do.

2. Self-Discovery.

Because you are solo and without any interruptions, you have the chance to interact and discover yourself more through quiet moments and some sort of meditation. A simple reminder though, never laugh or talk alone when there are strangers around or you might end up in an ambulance.

3. Increased Self-Worth.

After your trip, you will be able to tell yourself, ‘I DID IT!’ This could help you boost your morale and confidence to assure yourself that you are ready to face the challenges set before you.

My job here is done and it is now your turn to choose whether you’ll go for it or not. Always remember that we travel to enjoy and relax, not to be stressed or weary. Have fun!

There are a lot more advantages and disadvantages of traveling solo. Do you have any advantages or disadvantages to add? Let me hear your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Yeah.. solo is the best way to do

    Im a rider... I don't like changing pace to speed up because your companions do so... I like to cruise and not race...


  2. Nice advantages I experienced... Disadvantages can easily be manage & get over

  3. One more disadvantage is you'll hear from people this line, 'Mag-isa ka lang? Kawawa ka naman.' HAHA But the heck I care with what they say. As you said so, the advantages of going solo outweigh the disadvantages.


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