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It has always been an awesome thing to me to have the chance to go on a trip, may it be domestic or overseas. I started traveling in as early as five years old and in that very young age, I already developed a deep love for traveling. Whenever someone would ask, "Who among you here loves to travel?" I would raise both my hands and feet.

I used to travel with my parents and as I grew older, I discovered that I am not the type of person who is socially inclined. I started traveling alone and well I could say that it suits my taste. I've been to a lot of places, dined in different restaurants, interacted with the locals. In short, had a lot of good memories, ALONE.

Not until one day, when I was on a trip in the Philippines that I've met some fellow travelers. We conversed about our experiences and decided that we try to discover this country together. I was hesitant at first due to me being a bit loner, but I gave it a try after some thoughts. We had a very memorable experience and exchanged contacts for more trips to come. Then this question lingered on me, "Why did I travel alone? Is it because I like it this way or just because I have no one to travel with?" then an answer came…

Most people who go on trips alone are just because they have no one to travel with. I believe that aside from the memories we make on our trips, the people that we meet are the ones that would create a lasting bond with us. In my search for some travel buddies, I stumbled upon a website that would let me connect to some travelers who are in a particular place and time. www.penroads.com let me do that.

Travel the world together with Penroads

This is a kind of an interactive website where in you just have to sign up or log in using your Google or Facebook account. All you have to do is to enter your desired place of destination and your planned date of arrival and departure and the site will show you suggestions of people who are also on that place on that very same day. As of now, the website caters to most Southeast Asian nations namely: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines. The website would also act as your social networking site for most of your trips. You can upload photos and share your stories through it for other people to see. The best feature of the site is that you can post your next travel plan so that others can view and join you if they're interested. In my case, since I am planning to visit Singapore in a couple of weeks from now, I decided to search for some travel companions to meet. I was able to view some of them and made an attempt to connect and they replied. I am now excited to have my visit because I know there are people waiting for me there.

Travel the world together with Penroads

Another feature Penroads offer us is their long list of travel articles and blogs which I really find helpful. From the top places to visit, to top food to try out, you can read and gather information about places you've never been yet.

Travel the world together with Penroads

Indeed www.penroads.com live by the tagline they believe in, "to build a product so TRAVELERS can CONNECT, SHARE & TRAVEL THE WORLD TOGETHER."

Planning on your next trip? Go try it out, who knows we might one day meet and be travel buddies too!


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