3 Reasons Why You Should Hike Mt. Pinatubo

Why Visit Mount Pinatubo

June 15, 1991, the world was shaken when a volcano, dormant for over hundreds of years suddenly activated and sent pyroclastic materials into the atmosphere. The ash fall was so intense that it reached as far as Japan. The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo caused one of the massive military exodus and evacuation in the history of the Philippines.

Bordered by three provinces, Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga, Mt. Pinatubo is indeed a sight to behold and a place worth visiting. For many years after the eruption, tourism has been booming on this side of Luzon. Locals and foreigners alike are all flocking to pay a visit and share the history of the place. Out of curiosity, I myself paid a visit to experience it first hand and to ask some people why Mt. Pinatubo.

Why Visit Mount Pinatubo

How to Get to Mt. Pinatubo?

From Manila, I rode a bus going to Tarlac and got off at Capas Public Market. From there, I chose to ride the jeepney going to the tourism office at Sta. Juliana which is just 30 - 40 minutes away from the crater by riding the 4x4 or ATV as most people know it and few miles of trekking.

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Still thinking about what is waiting for me there; my questions were answered the moment I got in the place. Who would have thought that this beautiful place was once a site of devastation and hopelessness? The illusion created by the nearby vegetation on the volcanic lake is just lovely. For a few moments, it was like I traveled through time.

Why Visit Mount Pinatubo

3 Reason Why You Should Hike Mt. Pinatubo

Of course, after letting myself be filled with the beauty around me, I started doing my mission. With me were other travelers, foreign and local and I even saw a Martian! Haha kidding aside, I approached some of them and asked, "What are your reasons in hiking Mt. Pinatubo?" Well I got good responses from them.

"This is near my wife's hometown and I heard stories about the place. Well, the place is serene and very accommodating. It's like having a piece of history!" - Martin Smith an American married to a Filipina.

Another response goes like this:

"We were actually looking for an escape from the city. You know, we've been soaked in the noise of Metro Manila, so we decided to come here." - Jack Sangalang, BPO Specialist from Makati.

Some decided to try it for their famous volcanic ash spa which claims to be good for the skin and health.

"We wanna try out their volcanic ash spa which is something that we don't have in our country. It was warm and really relaxing." - Eric Seung, tourist from South Korea.

And really guys, if I were to make an attendance, I bet the Koreans could have won as the biggest number in the crowd that time.

Why Visit Mount Pinatubo

For me, Mt. Pinatubo is a "TIME MACHINE." It would let you remember the power of the wrath of nature but also a reminder of the human resilience. Humans who didn't stop believing that there is hope despite the devastation.

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