6 Reasons Why I Hate Baler, Aurora (An Open Letter)

6 Reasons Why I Hate Baler Aurora
Diguisit Rock Formations and Beach

My Dearest Baler,

It was in 2011 when I first met you. From then on, I've fallen in love with you... Although several years have passed, I'm always and still yearning to see you again. You may have changed a lot from how I met you before, but you remained charming and lovely - just the same when I first saw you. There may be too many people wanting to be with you now, I'm happy that you still welcomed me with joy when I had the chance to see you again. I still love you Baler, but I hate you as well.

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions
Sabang Beach

I hate you Baler...

1. Because you're playing "hard to get"

It takes a 6 hour bus ride from Manila just to see you. That's being patient just to be with you.

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions
Bus Ride to Baler

2. Because you're powerful and dominating

Your waves are strong enough to sweep me away. But I also love it when you show me how strong you are. I adore you for that.

3. Because you're such a wonderful temptation

I can't get enough of your delicious food, especially the Baler suman dipped in Aling Pacing's peanut butter. Oh, wow! It's so tempting that I could finish a bunch of it in one sitting.

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions
Baler Suman! Yummy!!!

4. Because I make too much effort for you

You make me wake up so early in the morning and to travel for almost an hour to the nearby town of Dipaculao just to see the breathtaking sunrise along Ampere Beach. But I don't regret it. It's so beautiful!

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions
Sunrise at Ampere Beach

5. Because it's so easy to fall for you

Just like the mighty Ditumabo Mother Falls in the town of San Luis, my love for you gets stronger each day I'm with you. Yes, I've already fallen in love with you!

6. Because I can't let go of you

A weekend is not enough to be with you. I really can't get enough of you. I think, I should be with you more often. I miss you so much Baler! Please welcome me again with open arms. I'll definitely see you again, soon!

Baler Aurora Tourist Spots and Attractions
Ermita Hill

This "love-hate relationship" we have is the best thing that happened to me. I should see you again soon! I love you Baler and I hate you as well for making me fall for you.

Pinoy Adventurista

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Diguisit Rock Formations

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  1. Hi, This is a great article and we, as Balerianos appreciate your effort to promote and give your best to make impression for Baler but I think emphasizing the article into just or very centered in Baler is kind of misleading. I think it is rather more powerful to say that it is Aurora Province because not all in your 6 reasons were in Baler exclusively. San Luis, Dipaculao and other towns were very good destination too and they need some light to be shed upon so people will recognize not just Baler but all the other towns of Aurora and Aurora in general. This is just a constructive approach and I don't intend to offend or point out errors. Thank you for your understanding.

    - Cristopher Lejano Caducoy

    1. That's exactly right... it should be "I hate Aurora" rather than just Baler

  2. agree ako sa'yo Cristopher

  3. I agree.... Just to let other people know that like Baler, Dipaculao & San Luis ay dalawa out of the 8 municipalities of AURORA, therefore they are not part of Baler😊

  4. i actually love your eyebrow-uppin tittle! here i go. The message was great and satisfying as a baleriano. Some people might just misunderstand that somehow somewhat in their mind, they also kind of thinking to let their own town be like Baler. And we cannot refuse them that, because there really are lots of eye-filling views from each of 8 municipalities in Aurora. Still, you have one thing to promote here, and that's BALER, AURORA so, technically, some other municipalities are generally included in it. i love it that you never regret of coming in our place not to critique but to appreciate! so, in behalf of Balerianos out there, Thank you!

  5. Good read! I reacted negatively upon reading the catchy title. Buti binasa ko! Un naman pala...

  6. i'am very thankful to you because you help us to promote our province......... as a baleriano....i'am very very proud to you because your a tourist but you help us to promote our beloved province ("AURORA") thank you........... by the way kaya ku po ito nkita eh dhil na-curious aku sa title....but nung nabasa ku na na amaze aku,.................un lng nman no to offend you or to error other places na iyung inilahad.....

  7. When I first read the title, I immediately became anxious because I thought it was another article made by a person who doesn't appreciate our beloved hometown. But wow, I was ever so amazed when I read the entire thing! I was really touched actually; the way you described Baler (and other parts of Aurora as well) gave me a heartwarming and fluffy kind of feeling that I suddenly had the urge to go home (I'm currently in Metro Manila. :D). It was like I was reading a love letter directed to me. Haha. I guess that's just how it is when you are a native of the place being described. Thank you so much! We, Aurorians, really appreciate people like you who take the time to promote our humble home. Kudos! Sana makabalik ka po ulit sa Aurora soon enough! Yehey :)

    - random Baleriana teen


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