15 Wondrous Waterfalls In The Philippines You'll Want To See Before You Die (Part 1)

Waterfalls In The Philippines You'll Want To See Before You Die

Our country is gifted with a lot waterfalls that will certainly take your breath away. Are you ready to be blown away by the Philippine's most scenic and dramatic waterfalls? Here's the first part of the 15 of my most favorite waterfalls in the Philippines that you should visit before you die.

15 Wondrous Waterfalls In The Philippines You'll Want To See Before You Die (Part 1)

(in no no particular order)

Best Waterfalls In The Philippines

1. Tinago Falls (Iligan City)

Literally means "hidden", Tinago falls is concealed within a deep ravine. One should go through a little bit of trekking of approximately 500 descending steps to reach this hidden jewel.

How to get there: Discovering the Beauty of Tinago waterfalls

Best Waterfalls In The Philippines

2. Dila Falls (Bukidnon)

Towering at a height of 30 feet, Dila Falls is located within the Impalutao Reforestation Area and Nature Park in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. It is shaped like a human tongue, thus the name “Dila” came from.

How to get there: Hiking and Waterfalls Hopping at The Center for Ecological Development and Recreation (CEDAR)

Lake Sebu 7 Waterfalls and Zip Line

3. Lake Sebu's 7 Waterfalls (South Cotabato)

Visitors and tourists often go to Lake Sebu to see the Seven Waterfalls located in Barangay Siloton. It is composed of 7 majestic waterfalls with water coming from Lake Sebu and Lake Siloton.

How to get there: Lake Sebu's 7 Waterfalls and Zipline Adventure in South Cotabato

Best Waterfalls In The Philippines

4. Cambugahay Falls (Siquijor)

Located in the town of Lazi in the province of Siquijor, it is composed of a cascading 3-level waterfalls, with fresh and clean water coming from natural springs. There are small pools where one can sit, relax and just let the rushing water massage your body.

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How to get there: The Mystical and Enchanting Natural Wonders of Siquijor

Best Waterfalls In The Philippines

5. Tinago Falls (Biliran)

At a height of 90 feet, the water falls from a stone ridge into a catch basin surrounded by big rock formations. The trees, vines and lush greens surrounding the waterfalls adds to the natural exquisiteness of the place.

How to get there: Chasing Waterfalls in Biliran

Best Waterfalls In The Philippines

6. Katibawasan Falls (Camiguin)

This stunning 250-foot waterfalls surges to a rock pool bordered by beautiful orchids and ferns is located 5 kilometers southeast of Mambajao, Camiguin. A 15 pesos entrance fee is required and a few steps down on concrete stairs is needed to reach the catch basin where visitors could enjoy a good swim.

How to get there: Camiguin - Day Tour Part 2: White Island, Cathedral, Capitol and Katibawasan Falls

Best Waterfalls In The Philippines

7. Ditumabo Waterfalls (Aurora)

Also know as Mother Falls, Ditumabo Falls is located in the town of San Luis, Aurora. It requires a 30-minute hike and river crossing to reach this 140-foot waterfalls.

How to get there: Trekking to DITUMABO FALLS in the Town of San Luis (AKA Mother Falls)

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THINGS TO DO IN SOUTH CEBU Tourist Spots Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

8. Kawasan Falls (Cebu)

This is propbably the most popular falls in Cebu. Kawasan falls is located at Matutinao in the town of Badian, 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. It is definitely worth the long travel just to see this marvelous waterfalls.

How to get there: 12 THINGS TO DO IN SOUTH CEBU (Tourist Spots, Attractions and Things To Do and Experience)

Whether it's summer or rainy season, chasing these wondrous waterfalls is one of the best things to do in the Philippines! How many of these have you been to? Don't forget to SHARE it to your friends!


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