10 Common Mistakes Made by New Travellers

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Travellers

Travelling for the first time inspires a whole new way of thinking, learning, and experiencing. Do it wrong, however, and you’ll find that it has the opposite effect. Here are 10 common mistakes made by new travellers that you’ll want to avoid.

1. Second-Rate Luggage

No matter how sturdy your parents assure you it is, you can’t trust a hand-me-down suitcase. Buy new luggage that is guaranteed to last your entire trip by visiting a reliable retailer like Bags To Go. Check out bagstogo.com.au/antler for an example of the type of bag that could be your best companion during your travels: http://bagstogo.com.au/antler/.

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Travellers

2. Over-Packing

Thinking you need way more stuff than you actually do is an easy trap to fall into, but it’s imperative that you recognise it before it’s too late. Pack the necessities, no more, no less. You won’t need much else when you’re travelling, particularly if you’re visiting a lot of different places within a short timeframe.

3. Under-Planning

The pack-up-and-go mentality isn’t the best one to have as a first-time traveller. Heavy planning is key to achieving the smoothest trip possible. Believe it or not, having a plan will allow for a more flexible journey. Without it, you won’t feel free. You’ll feel lost. So plan, plan, plan. This cannot be stressed enough.

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Travellers

4. Lack of Research

Make sure you research all the costs, locations, and events before you leave. You may think you’ll get there and have plenty to do, but, depending on where you are, this might not be the case.

5. Biting off More Than You Can Chew

If you have a strict budget and timeframe in which you can travel, cramming in too many detours and extra activities will make your overall trip rather stressful. Consider your limits and how you can get the most out your trip within those limits, not in spite of them.

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Travellers

6. Rushing

Like cramming too much in, rushing your trip will add an unnecessary timer to your trip. If you’ve set a specific departure date, you shouldn’t need to rush from place to place. This can be avoided simply by being organised.

7. Being Forgetful

Forgetfulness during travel cannot be helped. You’ll no doubt leave behind one or two items along the way. Just be absolutely certain that you don’t forget the wrong thing. So, before leaving your house, your hotel, or your seat at the airport, make sure you have everything on your list of essentials. Number one on that list should be your passport.

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Travellers

8. Being Closed-Minded

Experience the culture you’re surrounded in; don’t be intimidated by it. Change is good and it’s probably one of the reasons you’ve decided to travel. So embrace it! New things will only remain scary if they are left unexplored.

9. Being Careless

If for some reason you can’t keep your eye on your valuables at all times, make sure they can’t be stolen. If it’s a large item, store it in a locker. If it’s something as small as a wallet, buy a travel belt. These are boring but worthy investments to make when you’re travelling.

10 Common Mistakes Made by New Travellers

10. Isolating Yourself

As a first-time traveller, the worst decision you can make is to cut yourself off from civilisation. Staying sociable is the best way to feel safe in a foreign country. Get to know the locals, make friends on the tours, and take your phone.

Worldly travellers don’t become worldly without making a few mistakes along the way, but remaining open to advice is something every new globetrotter should do. Consider the above mistakes and the stress component of travel will be reduced.

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  1. Very useful advice here. I've definitely done a few of these blunders while travelling before - especially being forgetful! Thanks for sharing all of these.

  2. on being forgetful, i think number one should be dont forget your wallet. hahaha!


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