NIVEA MEN Test Your #Diskarte: “It Starts With You!”

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

A Man of #Diskarte is someone who keeps his cool and stays composed in every situation. It's a matter of how he assertively reacts in every situation that he come across and making the best out of it in a nifty and confident way. It's how you smartly exercise your quick wit, charm and confidence in your everyday life. That’s what makes a Man of #Diskarte.

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

Last February 6, I attended the NIVEA MEN Test Your #Diskarte Event held at Trinoma Activity Center. I was so excited as visitors and guests were up for a day of entertainment, fun games and activities that NIVEA MEN prepared.

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

At the event, what instantly caught my attention is the "Refresh Zone" where one can wash his face and try various NIVEA MEN products. This is a great way to try the products first hand and have skin that feels and looks fresh. I loved it!

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

Then, there are the fun games which includes Wii where you could play basketball, stack the cards game, magnetic dart game, table soccer game, among many others that will definitely test your #Diskarte skills. The best part is, when you win the game you'll get NIVEA MEN gift pack full of various NIVEA MEN products! How cool is that?!

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

One of the highlights of the event is the "Dating Game" hosted by popular FM radio personalities Chico and Delamar. Three men battled it out using their most unique #Diskarte moves to win the heart of guest celebrity, Jinri Park. The game was composed of challenging questions that the three men answered in their most confident, wittiest and smartest way to prove that they are MEN of #Diskarte.

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

At the end of the game and challenges, Marvin’s "good guy" technique won the heart of Jinri Park. He got to spend a little more time with her, have some photos taken and best of all, got to take home a supply of NIVEA MEN products!

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

The NIVEA MEN event lasted until night time where guests and visitors enjoyed some performances from guest artists and of course, the fun and games continued!

Nivea Men Test Your Diskarte

I believe that being a Man of #Diskarte should start with you. You have to feel confident of your own self and with your skills and capabilities. Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives. Being confident brings out the best in us and in return we could also inspire confidence in others. NIVEA MEN can help bring out the confidence in you by unlocking your #Diskarte, not just by looking good but most importantly by feeling good in your own skin.

So, are you a Man of #Diskarte? Well, I am!

But if you think you aren't yet, then head on to NIVEA MEN'S Facebook account (www.facebook.com/NIVEAMENPH) and see how you can UNLOCK YOUR #DISKARTE!


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