Tips on Improving the Parking Services at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

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NAIA Terminal 3, Manila

The chances are you’ve heard or even experienced the horrors of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. In 2012, GMA Network reported how the airport was voted the worst in the whole of Asia. Honestly, it isn’t without its deficiencies and is in need of a complete facelift, which the Philippine government has started to recognize.

NAIA’s various terminals were well overdue renovations with its Terminal 3 the first to have considerable upgrades. The renovations were said to be one of the most expensive projects in Philippine history, and ultimately lifted the airport off the bottom of the airport league standings.

However, apart from Terminal 3, many of the facilities at the airport in general are still far from convincing - none more so that the parking services available. In this article we’ll look at how they could improve the parking facilities at Ninoy airport in Manila.

1. Make them more secure

The car parking facilities are anything but secure – lacking any sort of security staff to police the grounds, it leaves vehicles exposed for car theft. With the Philippine Nation Police reported an increase in crime in 2014 according to Rappler, the prospect of car theft is a real problem.

2. Equip parking lots with CCTV

On top of security staff, another variable which would make people more confident in leaving their cars at Ninoy’s parking services would be to install CCTV cameras onsite. This would near eradicate the issue with 24-hour surveillance it would deter criminals from attempting to steal vehicles.

3. Offer better options to customers

Ninoy airport should take a leaf out of European airports and offer their customers more appealing parking options. Take Gatwick Airport for instance in London, England it has an array of different options for customers to choose from that can help lower the cost of parking, too. Parking4Less states that Gatwick currently offers short and long stay parking options as well as valet services to their customers. The short stay options are available at a day rate unlike some independent car parks who force customers to book block dates even if they don’t need all the designated dates.

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