Travel in Style and Comfort with Skechers Go Walk 2

Skechers Go Walk 2

Whenever I travel, I always do walking tours around the place I visit. It's actually one of my favorite activities on every travel! I just love walking and wandering around while savoring the place's different interesting sights, attractions and tourist spots, trying out the local delicacies and interacting with the people around the community.

Top Things To Do in Hanoi Vietnam
Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam

On walking tours, wearing a comfortable pair of shoes always make my trip less stressful. Whether you're on a city tour, exploring a museum, checking out food shops, immersing yourself in the community or just seeing things around, a nice and comfy pair of shoes will certainly make your walking tours easy and comfortable.

Last October, Skechers Philippines sent me a very nice pair of Skechers Go Walk 2. It's a comfortable pair of walking shoes that is said to be engineered for comfort utilizing Skecher's performance technology that makes it suitable for walking around all day and everyday. Hmmmm...Let me try it!

Engineered for comfort, it promotes natural walking stride and provides a bounce in every step with its unique angled outsole. Not just that, they're super comfortable and promotes healthy walking by providing enough stability and cushioning while giving the ideal amount of traction and enhanced foot control.

I, myself have used it in my recent travels and I must say that they are not joking! It's amazingly comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear with its handy finger hole on the heel for easy on and easy off wearing. Add to that, with its proprietary lightweight injection-moulded Resalyte sole, it offers flexibility and feedback to my feet allowing me to feel more of the walking surface.

It is really a comfortable pair of shoes that can withstand long hours of walking. Even if I used it all day, my feet and legs does not feel sore and I still have the energy to walk around. Try it with a regular shoes and you'll know what I mean. :)

I just love the flexibility and comfort Skechers Go Walk 2 gives my feet. It's lightweight, easy to slip on and has a mesh material that let's my feet breath. Skechers Go Walk 2 is really the perfect shoes for someone like me who's always on the go and loves walking around.


Visiting Corregidor island requires you to walk around of the different historical sites. Even if we were riding a tramvia in exploring the island, there's still a lot of walking and climbing to do in the tour and my Skechers Go Walk 2 didn't disappoint me.


On our first day in Hanoi, I prepared myself for the long day of city tour scheduled for us by wearing my Skechers Go Walk 2.


In the midst of all the walking we had while exploring the different sights and attractions around Hanoi, my Skechers Go Walk 2 kept me comfortable throughout the day.

Skechers Go Walk 2 are definitely the most comfortable pair of walking shoes I've owned. I am really happy with my experience! Walking for hours all day and my feet just don't give up! I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to do more walking on their travels without sacrificing comfort and style. Get yours now and feel the difference!

Skechers Go Walk 2


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