Pattaya vs. Phi Phi on $25 a Day? A Comparison

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If you've only got a limited budget but you want to hit the beach in style while you’re in Thailand, you’ll have a lot of options. Two of the most popular beach destinations in Thailand are Pattaya and Koh Phi Phi. Let’s examine the pros and cons of both.

Pattaya's Pros

A quick jaunt from Bangkok, Pattaya is a natural choice for travellers who are short on time and money. Pattaya hotels are plentiful, and range from five-star luxury that will cost as much as your flight ticket per night to smaller accommodations that fit any budget. For information on Pattaya hotels.

Because of its proximity to Bangkok, Pattaya is easy to get to. After you fly in to the Don Mueang Airport or Suvarnabhumi International Airport, you can easily transfer to a bus, taxi or train that will take you in to Pattaya. You don’t even need to book ahead for these services typically.

Pattaya is also an easy destination to stick to your budget at mealtimes, with plenty of inexpensive street-stall food available on the main streets and along the beach. If you plan on spending your day on the sand, you could also pack a picnic lunch or buy surprisingly delicious ready-made food at a local supermarket, and eat at your hotel.

Pattaya's Cons

Pattaya may be a quick option from Bangkok, but that doesn't mean it’s your best beach destination from Bangkok. Because it’s easy to get to, it’s often crowded on weekends and at holidays. It’s also not always considered a “family friendly” destination, because of the famous nightlife.

It does have a lovely, long beach that you can spend hours strolling along. However, the sand on Pattaya's beach is not as white or soft as some of the legendary Thai beaches farther south.

If you love water sports, and are hoping to hop into the sea for a quick snorkel every day, Pattaya also offers fewer options than southern destinations. This is because the best snorkelling and scuba diving will need a boat transfer to get to.

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Koh Phi Phi's Pros

If you are entering Thailand from the south, for example overland from Malaysia or Singapore, then you should definitely include the island of Koh Phi Phi on your itinerary. From Bangkok, it’s quickest to hop a short plane ride to Phi Phi, though that may be too expensive for budget travellers. You can also get to Koh Phi Phi via its neighbouring cities, Krabi or Phuket, by train or bus from the Thai capital, but expect to ride all night getting there.

Koh Phi Phi offers that picture-perfect scenery Thailand is famous for — jungle-topped limestone cliffs reaching to the sky from clear blue waters. If you are looking to surround yourself with natural beauty, then Koh Phi Phi is a fantastic place to chill out.

There’s also so much to do here, from adventure sports to Thai cookery classes. You won’t be bored in Phi Phi!

Koh Phi Phi's Cons

It’s not surprising that with its many charms, Phi Phi has attracted luxury resorts and upscale travel facilities, thus bumping the average price to visit up. Additionally, Phi Phi is no travel secret; most visitors to Thailand wish to come to this beautiful island, which has limited resources for accommodating them. You’ll need to budget more for your time in Phi Phi than at your other destinations in Thailand.

One way to visit Phi Phi, while keeping costs down for accommodation and food, is to stay in Krabi or Phuket, both of which have more budget options. Then, take the ferry to Phi Phi as a day visitor. Of course, this will exclude you from the island’s famous nightlife, but will save money.

Both Koh Phi Phi and Pattaya can be visited on a budget of merely $25 per day. In Pattaya, you’ll have a bit more of that left over for spending on souvenirs than you will in Phi Phi, and you’ll probably spend less of your holiday time on a bus getting there. However, Phi Phi offers world-class tropical vacation scenery and is worth a visit — even if you must compromise your budget to do so.

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