Pinoy Festivals: Hala Bira! Pwera Pasma! Viva Senyor Santo Niño!!! My Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival 2013 Experience

I arrived in Kalibo last Friday and went straight to the cathedral to see what's happening. Glad I did as I experienced the "Sadsad Pasaeamat kay Senyor Sto. Niño", the non-stop dancing to the beat of the drums at the streets around the cathedral. There were several groups and organizations joined the event. It was truly a fiesta atmosphere in Kalibo!

It was just my first day, but I'm already enjoying my first Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival experience.

On our 2nd day, Saturday, we went early at the Catheral and Pastrana park grounds to witness the street dancing by different Tribal, Balik Ati, and Modern Groups.

Dubbed as the "Mother of all Festivals" there were hundreds of Ati-Atihan groups in the parade, with black soots, indigenous costumes and weapons, some in colorful and extravagant costumes and the others with paints all over their body. They danced in revelry to the tune of drums and other percussion instruments.

Originally a pagan festival, the Spaniards gradually added a Christian meaning to it by making it a religious celebration for the Senyor Sto. Niño.

We can't help ourselves but to dance with them! It is truly one of the liveliest festivals in the country! We painted our faces, danced with the crowd and just enjoyed the moment!

On the 3rd day, Sunday, another round of "Sadsad" happened. I met up with friends, Kirk, Ton, Ramil and Edgar, Rob and Eric; we enjoyed another day of dancing and merry making along the streets of Kalibo.

Top photo by pinasmuna.com

Truly, Ati-atihan is one of a kind experience! Hala Bira! Pwera Pasma! Viva Senyor Santo Nino!!!

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  1. Parang ang saya! I wanna experience Ati-atihan, hopefully next year na talaga..as I was turned between Sinulog, Ati-atihan and Cebu Marathon this year.. hehe

  2. Saya! Given the chance next year- mag a Ati-Atihan ako :)

  3. I should do this next year...thanks for sharing!


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