Things I Want to Accomplish on my 5th Year of Traveling around the Philippines

In the past four years of constant traveling and exploring the best sights and destinations in the Philippines, I am glad that I get to accomplish what I want. Do things I never thought I could do, been to places I never thought I would reach and meet friends I never thought I would meet in this lifetime. The heavens has been so good to me and let me experience all of these. I've been so blessed!

This 2013, on my 5th year of traveling, I plan to conquer new heights, finish a challenge, try new adventurous activities and enjoy more of the Philippines' best festivals. Here are the things I want to accomplish this year:

1. Visit Batanes and Sulu, the last 2 provinces on my #80PHL Challenge

On Batanes
It would take a considerable amount of money for me to reach Batanes. It's a dream destination, not just for me but to most of us who loves to travel. I'm currently saving for it! But I don't know when will I set foot on Batanes with the little savings I have right now. It's okay, there's no need to rush. :)

As of posting time, there have been pledges from friends and followers showing their interest and support on helping me reach Batanes this year. Thanks a lot po! Hopefully I'll get there on April, what a perfect time and place to celebrate my 33rd birthday! If you wish to contribute on my #BatanesTravelFund, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail at pinoyadventurista@yahoo.com so I could send you the details. Thanks thanks! :)

UPDATE (02/01/2013): Airphil Express will soon be flying the Manila-Basco (Batanes) Route effective May 2013, 3 times a week! Yahoo!!! I'm sure it will be a lot CHEAPER!!! I'm deferring my trip to May 2013. :)

On Sulu
I am on a tough planning on how I will travel to Sulu. As of now, I already have a rough plan, hope it will materialize this year. Will keep you posted.

2. Re-visit the provinces I wasn't able to explore as much (Romblon, Eastern and Northern Samar, Sarangani, Bukidnon and Compostela Valley).

These provinces are on my priority list this year. I would like to spend more time in these provinces and experience more of it.

3. Attend more Philippines Festivals

Kadayawan, Ati-atihan, Pahiyas, Aliwan, Panagbenga, Kaamulan, Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, these are just some of the festivals I want to attend this year.

4. Climb and explore more mountains

I want to climb more mountains this year. The joy and the natural high it gives keeps me on wanting for more. I may not be a hardcore mountianeer, but I want to conquer new heights this year.

5. Try scuba diving, wake-boarding and rock climbing

These are just some of the activities I've been wanting to do. Hopefully this year, I'll get to experience them.

6. Organize group tours

This is for all of you, my followers who wants to join me in my tours. Hopefully, this year, I'll be able to find time to organize group tours for my friends and for all of you. I would like you to experience how to travel "The Pinoy Adventurista" way... :)

Okay, that's it for now! I just want to continue what I'm doing right now. Expect the unexpected and just be happy on whatever comes my way. Happy 2013!

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for January 2013 with the theme "New Beginnings" hosted by Roj Braga of The Adventures of Adventuroj.

How about you Adventuristas? What's your travel plans for this year?


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  1. I wish you lots of luck in conquering the last 2 provinces in your list! Go go go! =)


  2. Uv been traveling alot and another more and more for this year. WOW, how was that accomplishment!
    I've been reading ur blog and I learned alot! Thanks and keep us posted. :)

  3. I would love to join your tour! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  4. a new visitor to this site. you are indeed blessed. you have visited the entire PI? that's amazing. keep it up.

  5. Sama ako sa group tour! Hehe or kahit na yung Coron sana :P

  6. Count me in sa group tours... gusto kitang makasama sa travel SEx instructor! LOL

  7. Wow, Batanes & Sulu - one province way up north, and one province way down south! Looking forward to the completion of your goal!

    I really want to try wakeboarding too. Maybe I'll finally do it this year, especially as the Nuvali wakepark makes the sport even more accessible now to Manila people. :)

  8. Hats off for almost completing the 80 provinces. Two more provinces to go---- wish you Goodluck Mervs! I'm looking forward to your Batanes post. ;)

  9. Iba talaga energy mo brad!
    BRAD?! hahahaha hope to see you again soon!

  10. gusto ko ung group tour na yan! hehe

  11. looks like you'll soon have an 81st province to visit: Davao Occidental! and hey, if you ever find yourself in Davao say for Araw ng Dabaw or Kadayawan, let me know! I want to meet the man behind the successful blog!

    1. yeah, hopefully when I visit Davao this August... see you po! :)

  12. Batanes is my dream destination, too! Looking forward to see your post in the near future. As with the group tour, you got a lot of followers and that includes me. I hope you will be able to pursue that coz we want to travel the Pinoy Adventurista way!


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