Pinoy Festivals : Photos from Masskara Festival 2012 Street Dance Performance (Barangay Category)


The street dancing competition for the Barangay Category at the Masskara Festival 2012 was held last October 21, 2012 at Araneta St. in Bacolod City. There were 14 contingent barangays from the "City of Smiles" that competed for the championship crown. The street dancing competition comprises 50% of the total score, while the other 50% was judged at the arena competition held at the city public plaza.

Travel Tip: How to Get in and Out of Bacolod-Silay International Airport


The Bacolod-Silay International Airport is located in Barangay Bagtic in Silay City, some 15 kilometers northeast of Bacolod City. Due to its location, getting in and out of the airport is quite a challege especially for first-timers. Here are some of the ways on how to get in and out of the airport terminal.

Pinoy Festivals: Photos from Masskara Festival 2012 Street Dance Performance (School Category)


Araneta street in Bacolod City was on festive mood as the Street Dancing competition for the schools category of Masskara Festival happened last Saturday, October 20, 2012. Street performance comprises 50% of the total score while the other 50% is judged during the arena competition at the City Public Plaza.

Mountain Province - Wandering Around Bontoc


After exploring Sagada for 2 days and 2 nights, we left the hostel early in the morning to get to our next destination - Tinglayan in the province of Kalinga. But before getting there we have to pass through the town of Bontoc, the capital of Mountain Province. We need to be there early so we could catch the first bus trip to Tabuk.

TRAVEL TIP: How to Get in and Out of Zamboanga City Airport


Dubbed as "Asia's Latin City", Zamboanga City's international airport is located very near the city center. As a major gateway of Zamboanga City and the Zamboanga Peninsula Provinces it is one of the busiest airports in Mindanao. It serves flights from Manila, Davao, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Jolo (Sulu) and Tawi-Tawi. Unlike other airports in the Philippines, getting in and out of the airport is easy.

Top 5 Landmarks in the Philippines


The Philippines is one of the most naturally beautiful destinations in the world. The capital city of Manila provides a unique contrast between the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the natural beauty that surrounds it. Whether you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime, a historical walk through a magnificent culture or simply want to visit some of the best landmarks in the world, there is no beating a holiday in the Philippines.

Pinoy Festivals: Bacolod MassKara Festival 2012 Street and Arena Dance Competitions winners (Barangay and School Categories)


The City of Smiles, Bacolod City once again staged a very successful Masskara Festival. The highlights happened last October 20-21, 2012 with the street and arena dance competitions for the school and barangay categories respectively. The street dance happened at Araneta Avenue, while the arena dance were performed at the City Public Plaza.

Travel Guide : Camarines Norte - Tourist Spots and Attractions, How To Get There, Things To Do, Where To Stay and Expenses


Camarines Norte is located in the northwestern coast of the Bicol Peninsula. It is known for mining, jewelry craft, pineapple and coconut industry. In terms of tourism, it offers a lot of tourist spots and attractions to visit and activities that can be done in the province - surfing, beach bumming, island hopping, chasing waterfalls, church visits and more! This travel guide will provide you with basic information on how to get there, things to do, where to stay and estimated budget that will help you plan your visit. Tara Lets! Come to CamNorte!

Surfing in Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte


Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte is one of the top surfing destinations in the Philippines. It is known for its long and wide stretch of fine, gray and powdery sand with big waves that roll in from the Pacific Ocean which makes it an ideal spot for surfers of any level. It is known to provide barrels, that can be experienced between July to November and sometimes, all the way to January. Tara, let's go surfing in Bagasbas!

Cavite - Dancing the Karakol with Nana Pilar


The City of Imus is a first-class component city in the province of Cavite. It is considered as the center of religion in Cavite as the seat of the Diocese of Imus which oversees all the parishes in the province is located here. It's patron saint, Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Our Lady of the Pillar) celebrates its feast day every October 12 with a lot of festivities happening around the City. One of the highlights is the Karakol held on the eve of her feast day.

Camarines Norte - Walking Tour around Daet, "The Gateway to Bicolandia"


Walking tour is one of my favorite activities when traveling. I just love walking and wandering around while enjoying the different sights, trying out local delicacies and interacting with the locals. During my recent trip to Camarines Norte, I was able to roam around the town of Daet, the capital of the province. Since I have a few hours to burn, I just walked around to see what Daet has to offer. This post will also give you an insight on how to do a walking tour around the town.

Camarines Norte - Mercedes Fish Port, Cayucyucan Beach, Catandunganon River and Top Loading on a Tricycle


On my 2nd day in Daet, my friend suggested that I go to Cayucyucan Beach in one of the islands in the town of Mercedes. From the hotel, I took a jeepney bound for Mercedes, after about 15 minutes I reached the Mercedes fish port. As it was still very early in the morning, the fish port is so busy with fishermen arriving with their fresh catch. I was able to witness what they call "Bulungan sa Pandawan", a trading practice where bidders whisper to the fish broker his price and whoever bids the highest gets the fish.

Camarines Norte - Visiting the 400-year-old Vinzons Church, the Oldest Church in Camarines Norte


Established in 1611, the St. Peter the Apostle Church (also known as the Parroquia de San Pedro Apostol) in Vinzons, Camarines Norte is considered as the "oldest church in the province". The most distinguishable feature of the church is the central niche in the facade with a statue of St. Peter surrounded by an intricate frame. On the left is a 5-storey square bell tower with a cone-shape top.

Pinoy Holidays : October 26, 2012 is a Regular Holiday in the Philippines


Another long weekend in the Philippines is coming up! Yesterday, President Benigno Aquino signed Proclamation No. 488, s. 2012, DECLARING FRIDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2012, AS A REGULAR HOLIDAY THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY, IN OBSERVANCE OF EIDUL ADHA (FEAST OF SACRIFICE).

Camarines Norte - Wenceslao Q. Vinzons Ancestral House


Formerly called Indan, the town of Vinzons, Camarines Norte was named after it's homegrown hero, Wenceslao Q. Vinzons. He is a a lawyer, hero of World War II, governor of Camarines Norte and one of the youngest members of the 1934 Constitutional Convention. His two-storey ancestral house in Vinzons was declared a National Historical Landmark in 1991 by the National Historical Institute.

Camarines Sur - Viva La Virgen de Peñafrancia! My Peñafrancia Festival 2012 Experience


Naga City's Peñafrancia Festival is considered as the grandest Marian Celebration in the country. Catholics and Bicolanos from different parts of the world unite in faith in manifesting their sincere devotion to the beloved "Ina" and patroness of Bicol - the Our Lady of Peñafrancia. Celebrated last September 15, 2012, the fluvial procession is the culminating event of the festival as thousands of devotees flock to Naga City, Camarines Sur to join the festivities as the image of Ina was transferred back to her shrine, the Basilica Minore de Peñafrancia.

EAT-tinerary: Where to Eat in Sagada (Restaurants in Sagada)


A Sagada experience will not be complete without sampling the dishes at known restaurants in Sagada such as Salt and Pepper Diner and Yoghurt House. As well as some hole in the wall diners such as Vincent's Coffee and Grill. Food is an integral part of every travel. Aside from the sights and interesting places to visit in my destination, I also make it a point to search on the internet for the good food to try in place I am visiting. When it comes to food, you will surely enjoy Sagada as there are a lot of food options to choose from. Where to eat in Sagada? Read on...

Mountain Province - Zip lining over Sagada's Kapay-aw Rice Terraces


I love zip lines. That's why whenever I travel and if there's a zip line in my destination, I see to it that I get to try it. On our way to Sumaguing Cave on our first day in Sagada, we learned that there's already a zip line here. Unfortunately, we didn't get to try it as it was already closed when we passed by on our way back to the town. So, on our 2nd day, after climbing Mt. Ampacao, we went back to the zip line to try it.