EAT-tinerary: Where to Eat in Sagada (Restaurants in Sagada)

A Sagada experience will not be complete without sampling the dishes at known restaurants in Sagada such as Salt and Pepper Diner and Yoghurt House. As well as some hole in the wall diners such as Vincent's Coffee and Grill. Food is an integral part of every travel. Aside from the sights and interesting places to visit in my destination, I also make it a point to search on the internet for the good food to try in place I am visiting. When it comes to food, you will surely enjoy Sagada as there are a lot of food options to choose from. Where to eat in Sagada? Read on...

It was a holy week when we visited and the restaurants in Sagada are usually jam-packed during meal hours. Since this trip is just a few days before my supposedly Kota Kinabalu climb; while waiting for our food to be served, I didn't waste my time and went online to check for Holidays in Borneo , check on what other things to do, sites to visit, accommodations and good food to try in Borneo. I would love to explore more of it after climbing Mt. Kota Kinabalu. There's no better way to "taste" the culture of a country than to try the food that it is most famous for. I am quite sure I'll be having a great holiday in Malaysia!

As for Sagada, dishes with fresh vegetables are definitely a must-try! With fertile soil and cold weather, Sagada produces one of the freshest and sweetest tasting vegetables in the country. Vegetables here couldn't be much fresher! Here are some of the food that we tried in our 3-day stay in Sagada:


A two story establishment known for its home-made yogurts served with your choice of banana, granola, fruit preserves, or other fruits in season. They also serve hot meals, and we were able to sample their Curried Vegetables with red rice (180 pesos) and their Roasted eggplant pasta (170 pesos). Also not to forget is to try their frozen yoghurt (around 100 pesos). Yummy!


The warm and cozy ambiance of the restaurant sets it apart from the other restaurants in Sagada. Upon entering, we were ushered by the staff to our seat at the balcony. We ordered Pork Sinarabsab with vegetable side dish (150 pesos) and Rosemary Chix (150 pesos). Both are mouthwatering and definitely a must try.

Where to Eat in Sagada: VINCENT’S COFFEE AND GRILL

Not as well-known compared to the other restaurants in Sagada, the Vincent’s Coffee and Grill is a must-try! Their food is affordable; serving is huge and really tastes good. We ordered their Fried Bangus with French fries and fresh vegetable salad (140 pesos) and roasted chicken with vegetable side dish (150 pesos).

You must not also forget to try the local delicacies such as the Patupat (5 pesos each) and Bugnay wine (300 pesos/bottle); as well as the blueberry muffins (20 pesos each) which you can buy just around town.

Food in this part of the Mountain Province is superb. Truly, Sagada is a cultural and gastronomic haven!

So, if you're looking for What to eat and Where to Eat in Sagada, this guide might help! Enjoy!

This is part of my Holy Week and Araw ng Kagitingan long weekend holiday trip in Ifugao, Mt. Province and Kalinga last April 5-9, 2012. Mountain Province, a landlocked province in the Cordillera Administrative Region is the 59th province on my list. We enjoyed the peace and serenity of Sagada and Bontoc, its rusty idyllic atmosphere, cool climate and most especially, the friendliness of the people. Join me as I continue my journey to visit all 80 province in the Philippines!
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  1. I love their yogurt! Nom nom nom!!

  2. Masarap cguro ang Bugnay mervz, lalong lalo na pag may pulutan.:-).

    1. Di ko cya natikman Kuya Bon, pero mukhang masarap nga! hehehe! :)

  3. I want to visit Sagado too but have to prep myself physically for the experience..then seeing now the food that they offer makes me want to go there asap. You are right, their vegetables look so good, clean and fresh =)

  4. parang bet ko yang Rosemary Chix :)

  5. I missed tasting the place's blueberry muffins. i sincerely believe that the pride of the dishes that Sagada serves tourists lies on the fresh veggies. I bet they are all freshly picked. I realised when I visited the place that I anm not a Yoghurt person LOL. However, I loved the lemon pie. I was privileged to have been served a modified pinikpikan (a native Ilokano dish) at Rock Inn by the way. At dahil malamig ang klima sa Sagada, I'm sure new tourists will also be as hungry as us when we were there, Mervs.

  6. ito ung gusto ko kung mgtatravel man ko foods hehe

  7. Merv anong laman nung parang ice cream cone na dahon ng saging? jejeje Rapsa nung veges for sure fresh n fresh yan:)

  8. I need to experience the sagada gastronomic! i heard the blueberry muffin daw is bongga!


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