Zambales - En Route to Liw-liwa Surfing Site

We were too lazy one Saturday morning. We were craving to go to the beach as it is so hot in Metro Manila. We really don't have any plans, we just want to go to the beach. Good thing I remembered reading an article in "Lokal Soul" about this unknown surfing spot in Zambales. Armed with what we have read, our restless feet led us to Liw-liwa in San Felipe, Zambales.

At 12:00 NN, we took the bus at Victory Liner Pasay bound for Iba, Zambales. It took us around 4 hours to reach the junction that leads to Sitio Liw-Liwa. Just tell the conductor to drop you at Bobulon Elementary School and at the left side of the school, you'll find the road leading to the Liw-liwa Surfing site.

From there, take a tricycle. Ask the driver to bring you to the surfing site. Along the way, you'll see empty lots, houses and pine trees. So refreshing! You know that you're already near the site when the road turns to sand. Hehehe!

Liw-liwa is relatively an unknown surfing site, but is has been a favorite playground among surfers as it is so close to Manila.

We heard from the locals that Liw-liwa is non-existent until the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. The actual village was just created out the debris from the eruption.

Since it's already 5:00 PM when we arrived, we just checked-in at Circle Hostel and took the time to see the beach and explore the place.

We'll just surf the next day.

This is part of our surfing weekend experience in this "not so well-known" surfing spot in Zambales, that happend last January 14-15, 2012. Come, join us as we enjoy the waves of Liw-liwa.
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  1. mukhang maganda un lugar at pano naman napagpatong patong un mga batong un...hehehehe...

  2. nice find mervz! may public transpo ba papunta jan?

  3. nice! we were there last Good Friday until Black Saturday! The house in front of Circle Hostel beside the Fely's Store and canteen is owned by our family friend. Dark gray beach but with fine sand. Have you tried the Bagnet of San Felipe?

  4. wow ganda nmn jan. ganda mg photo op jan sa mga batobato na ngkapatong patong lol!

  5. nice beach po! anlalaki nmn nung mga bato po n yan at may design pa hehehe..

  6. Excited to see the surfing actions!

  7. ang kulet ng tulak2 sa tricycle... and in fairness ang ganda ng mga bato bato.. may design2 pa. astig!

  8. first time to hear about this place here. makapunta nga din dyan.

  9. I will come here soon! :-) Third attempt! :-)

  10. yes you're right. unknown to many. anyway, thank you for sharing, added to my list marvs! ;)

  11. Can i have ur contact No.pls.have some questions..so interested to get there..looking forward to talk with ur staff..


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