I Missed Climbing Mt. Kinabalu, the Roof of Southeast Asia

Last February, I won the contest of Intrepid Adventure Lifestyle. The prize is an all expense paid trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia with Mt. Kinabalu Climb set on April 12-15, 2012. Woohoo! It was awarded to me a week after it was announced. From then on, I started to research about the complexity of the climb to prepare for it.

First things that I prepared were the gears. I already have the trekking shoes courtesy of my friend, Ayie. I just added some more gears like a thermal jacket since I was told that the temperature in Mt. Kinabalu can drop to negative 6 degrees. Wahhhhh! That's kinda cold huh! I also invested on a new pair of trekking pants, gloves and bonnet.

Gears, all set! I'm prepared for this.

Then I prepared myself for the climb. Mt. Kinabalu's summit is at 13,435 ft, it is higher than Mt. Apo. Climbing it is no joke, you really have to be physically and mentally prepared for it.

From the moment I learned that I won, I started to train.

Taal Volcano, Batangas | March 11, 2012

Mt. Cabuyao, Benguet | March 17, 2012

Mt. Timbac, Benguet | March 18, 2012

Mt. Ampacao, Mt. Province | April 6, 2012

Unfortunately, 2 days before the scheduled flight to Kota Kinabalu (April 10, 2012), I got sick. I have fever since I got back from my trip to the Cordilleras last holy week. I thought I am just tired and need ample rest, so I took paracetamol to cure my fever and rested.

A day before the trip (April 11, 2012), I informed Intrepid Adventure Lifestyle about my health condition. I told them that if I get better before the flight I will push thru with the trip but will not climb anymore. Thanks to them because they graciously agreed and told me that they will just arrange a tour for me around Kota Kinabalu. Salamat po!

The day of the flight came, April 12, 2012 and I am still sick. I informed them again that I still have fever and will not be able to join them. And they understand that my health and safety is far more important than anything else.

Maybe it's not yet the right time for me to reach the roof of southeast asia. It was hard for me accepting that I missed this once in a lifetime opportunity to climb Mt. Kinabalu for FREE. But later on I realized, that it's better not to risk my health. Hopefully soon, I would be able to climb Mt. Kinabalu. I know, there will be a next time. ^_^

Still, thank you Intrepid Adventure Lifestyle for choosing me to experience this exciting adventure in Mt. Kinabalu!

For updates on their latest adventure tour packages and promos you can visit their website at: www.intrepid.ph

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  1. bad timing ng sakit mo. sayang yung free climb. sana pwede nila matransfer sa ibang dates.

    it was the first mountain i have ever climbed and it was very challenging for me. mas prepared ka so panis lang siguro yun sayo. baka may ibang contest pa ulit. or pagipunan na lang, di kasi mura yung pagclimb ng kinabalu eh. 'yaan mo dami pang ibang blessings darating.

  2. sayang naman!


  3. Okay lang 'yan. There will be a next time. Any rigorous activities after having a fever may worsen the condition so that's a fine decision. ^_^

  4. awwww....sad naman! but everything comes in double! Cheers to your next climb!!:)

  5. awww! Sayang! But well, safety above all should be the prioritized. There will be next time :)

  6. Something is waiting for you. It's better and bigger...
    It's once in a lifetime opportunity but still will be given to you hundred times better. What's important is that you're ok.

  7. sayang :( I wanna scale Mt. Kinabalu too... pasama naman if matutuloy ka na. :)

  8. Argh! sayang nmn pero baka may reason for that.. I'm sure may chance p ulit n ibbgay sau =)

  9. Well, maybe not this time but more will come. Keep Healthy for more climbs!

  10. aww major sayang! pero tama, something bigger and better is up for you. :)

  11. sana pinaraffle mo na lang ulit yung free slut... oops i mean slot!

  12. It's a wise decision na hindi mo pinagsapalaran yung health mo. Oo nga medyo sayang, pero health is more important pa rin kesa ano pa mang planned trip yan. Don't worry, you'll get there din in the future.

  13. sayang....yan ang ayokong mangyari nakakafrustrate siguro na after all the preparations hindi ka matutuloy,buti sana kung long before the trip e alam mo na na hindi matutuloy pero yung 2 days prior to it....aaaarrrrgh!i feel sorry for you.next time na lang uli.

  14. awwww sayang talaga... pinag handaan pa naman. ok lang yan, for sure marami pang susunod!

  15. sayang naman...ingat sa kalusugan. siguro nga merong ibang nakalaan para sa iyo.

  16. Your health is far more important than the Kota Kinabalu trip.. best of luck!

  17. Wow dream come true sana for FREE. Yes there will be a next time. More of it. Baka po magkasabay pa po tayo. (Yii pa autograph!)
    I've been a passive climber for more than a year now yet my partner and I are planning to scale the mighty Kinabalu mountain even before we visited the Kinabalu Park last Dec 1. Seeing her up close last week made me even more determined to push through with our plans - Kinabalu is mesmerizing yet monstrous, and terrifying!

  18. huh.. i'm having my own anxiety version now... hope this won't happen to us.. we're climbing mt kinabalu this april and with the Sabah issue currently on-going, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a positive turn-out...


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