Chasing Waterfalls in Biliran - Bagongbong, Tinago and Casiawan Falls

The "undiscovered paradise" of Biliran boasts to have a number of magnificent and jaw-dropping waterfalls. Even with a limited time, I was lucky to visit three of them. So, after paying a visit to the Nuestra SeΓ±ora dela Paz y Buenviaje Shrine in Almeria, we were off to literally chase waterfalls in this island. We visited Bagongbong waterfalls in Almeria, then the famous Tinago Falls in Caibiran and lastly, to Casiawan Falls in Cabucgayan.


Our first destination is the Bagongbong Waterfalls in Barangay Caucab, in the town of Almeria. Going to the waterfalls requires some easy trekking for about 30 minutes. Don't worry, the scenic view will keep you busy and you will not notice that you have walked for quite some time already.

At the end of the concrete road, the trek will lead you to this downhill trail. You have to be careful as the path is slippery due to some moss covering the rocks that serves as stairs going down.

You then need to cross this stream to get a grand view of the falls.

This roaring waterfalls is 30-feet high with strong water flowing from a canyon nestled on lush tropical forest. Upon seeing the waterfalls, I was at awe. I've never seen photos of this waterfalls prior to my visit and I didn't expected it to be as stunning as this. So, never mind the trek as it will reward you a bewitching view of waterfalls such as the Bagongbong falls.


After spending some time taking photos, we trekked back to where we left the motorcycle and continued chasing another waterfalls. From the town of Almeria, we head back to Naval then took the Naval-Caibiran Cross Country Road going to the town of Caibiran. It is about 20 KM away from the capital town and it took us about an hour to reach the municipality of Caibiran.

Awesome wiew of rice fields and the mountains awaits you on your way to the falls.

Going there is easy as a road had already been set up for easy access to the falls. We parked the motorcycle and went down on this concrete stairs leading to the waterfalls.

I was stunned and instantly captivated upon seeing Tinago Waterfalls. At a height of 90 feet, the water falls from a stone ridge into a catch basin surrounded by big rock formations. The trees, vines and lush greens surrounding the waterfalls adds to the natural exquisiteness of the place.

Tourists come here for a swim in the pristine cool water of the falls. The place has already been developed by the government and there are cottages available for the guests. An entrance fee of 10 pesos is being collected upon entering the park.


We then drove southward going to the town of Cabucgayan. The road going there are not that good. There are still unpaved parts of the circumferential high-way. But that should not hinder you in going to the striking Casiawan Waterfalls. You wouldn't regret exerting extra effort traversing through unpaved, rocky and slippery road as it will reward you with a stunning waterfalls. Travel time is about an hour.

Located in Barangay Casiawan in the municipality of Cabucgayan, it can easily be accessed via a steep trail from the village road.

Upon reaching the site, I thought this was it. A small cascade flowing to a basin. :(

Then my guide told me to move closer and look up. Whoa! I saw the towering Casiawan Falls. The 40-meter waterfalls is hidden among towering mahogany trees. It is the highest in the province, dropping over steep rocks then to a cascade flowing on a large pool. This is an ideal place to have a good swim.

We head back to the main road and had our lunch.

There are a lot of waterfalls in Biliran. My guide told me that it will take you about a week to enjoy and visit most of them. I will definitely visit Biliran again to experience the other waterfalls.

If you wish to have a tour in Biliran, you may contact my guide, Kuya Jun Murillo at 09396049242.

This is part of my solo weekend adventure in the province of Biliran last September 3-4, 2011. Dubbed as "undiscovered paradise", I was able to see great sights and panoramas such as waterfalls, islets, hot spring and rice terraces. Biliran is the 35th province on my list and this weekend adventure is my 9th solo trip. A side trip to Tacloban City, Leyte (my 36th province) is an added treat for this great weekend adventure.
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  1. Wuhooo. You should've tried the Sampaw, Ulan-Ulan, Recoletos and Kinaraha Falls. Its all in one place. :)

  2. @Boffill - in what municipality? this makes me wanna visit Biliran again huh?! soon! babalik ako! :)

  3. Wot! Ang sarap magtampisaw dyan... pero alam mo natatakot ako maligo sa ganyan.. feeling ko kasi may ahas sa ilalim. hehehe

  4. Sarap mag-camping sa tabi ng falls, naalala ko tuloy Mt. Romelo sa Laguna, tatlong falls din napuntahan namin sa isang araw na lakaran.

  5. I'm a huge fan of waterfalls too! Hope I'll learn how to take beautiful photos of it like you do :)

  6. @empi Aheheheh! wala naman cguro... thanks Empi!

  7. @lakwatsera de primera Oo nga... alam mo ba, di ko pa naakyat yang Romelo na yan? mya mga bad news pa din kc sa bundok na yan eh... hehehe! thanks Claire!

  8. @Aleah - Ahehehe! I also love waterfalls... Salamat Aleah!

  9. Ang ganda!!!! Hayz kelan kaya ako makakarating sa Biliran?Hmmmm... napa-isip ako hmmm...makapag plano nga next year! Bigyan mo po ako ng tips ha? Salamat!

  10. Wow ganda!! Makakapunta rin ako dyan..

  11. thanks for this! I hope Kuya Jun's number is still the same :)


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