Biliran - Agta Beach and Nuestra Señora dela Paz y Buenviaje Church

Despite being sick, I woke up early on my 2nd day in Biliran to explore this "undiscovered paradise". I went out of the hostel to find a habal-habal (single motorcycle) that could bring me to the town of Almeria. I heard, there’s a nice beach there, so I have to check it out. Not knowing which resort should I go, I just told the driver to bring me to Agta Beach. He suggested VRC Resort, I agreed. Fare is 30 pesos and travel time is about 20 minutes.

The view on our way to Almeria are mostly rice fields with rolling hills at the background. Since it's still early in the morning, it was quite cold as we traverse through the well-paved road leading to the town of Almeria.

Agta Beach is a small pocket of white sand beach of fine sand with orange hues. It’s the first time I’ve seen such color of the sand. Amazing! Situated in Barangay Talahid, about 3 kilometers north of the town of Almeria, the beach stretches at about a kilometer with coconut tress dotting the shoreline. Lovely views of Dalutan and Kapiñahan Islands on the horizon creates a dramatic scenery while relaxing on the beach.

The area is relatively unspoiled. I like its raw and rugged charm. It’s quite early when I was there and there were only a few people swimming on the beach. As it is uncrowded, it makes an ideal place to have some quiet time, to unwind, slow down and re-connect with nature.

Agta Beach is also the popular jump-off point for tourists going to the white sand beach of Dalutan Island, which is just 20 minutes away by pump boat from the beach.

What’s good about VRC Resort is that, they have swimming pools which you can enjoy after swimming at the beach. They also have cottages on a hill overlooking the beach for guests who wish to stay overnight.

I only stayed here for about an hour to take photos and have a cup of coffee. I had a chat with their friendly staffs and they were very accommodating in answering my queries. Entrance fee is 25 pesos.

As it is facing west, it’s a best spot to enjoy some remarkable sunsets. I wish I had more time to spend and wait as the sun sets, but I have to get going. Maybe next time!

From here, I took another habal-habal (Jun Murillo - 09396049242) that would take me around Biliran. I specifically asked him to bring me to the falls and other interesting sites. We had a deal for 500 pesos. Please contact Kuya Jun if you visit Biliran. Highly recommended!

I asked him where the church is. So, he brought me to the town proper where the Nuestra Señora dela Paz y Buenviaje Church is located. It’s a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, the "Patroness of Travelers". Established in 1986, they celebrated their silver anniversary this year.

I took some photos of the facade. It’s really stunning! The intricate design of the huge statues and images on the church’s facade is a sight to behold. I also like the color of the church, the contrasting hues of brown, white and bronze complemented the elaborate figures. In celebration of their patron saint, the town fiesta is every May 24th.

There are some mahogany trees and a few cottages in a beach in front of the church. What a great sight!

This is part of my solo weekend adventure in the province of Biliran last September 3-4, 2011. Dubbed as "undiscovered paradise", I was able to see great sights and panoramas such as waterfalls, islets, hot spring and rice terraces. Biliran is the 35th province on my list and this weekend adventure is my 9th solo trip. A side trip to Tacloban City, Leyte (my 36th province) is an added treat for this great weekend adventure.
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  1. So, the public can visit Dalutan island? Sounds interesting.

  2. We've been to Agta Beach before, what we like on that place is that because it's white sand, quiet and the water is calm. There's also a delicious home cooked roasted chicken which you can order. Dalutan island is visible from the area.

  3. @Pinay Travel Junkie

    As far as I can remember, had a couple of friends who went to Dalutan Island already.

  4. @Pinay Travel Junkie - i asked the staffs of VRC resort they told me that there are boats that can bring you to Dalutan for 700 pesos... if i have more time, I would love to visit the island... next time nalang... thanks Gay! :)

  5. @iloveboracay - yeah, the serenity in this beach is the best! thanks po! :)

    1. yap!,,,sobrang ganda talaga dyan sa amin.....sana pinuntahan nyo din po ung TUMALISTIS FALLS sa baryo asug,,kung san ako sinilang...miss ko na din yang biliran island...tnx po sa pag-visit nyo


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