Biliran - Iyusan Rice Terraces and Mainit Hot Spring

Aside from the beaches and waterfalls, Biliran has more to offer. On our way to chase the waterfalls, we passed by some interesting land formations that the local farmers here use for planting rice. The Iyusan Rice Terraces can be found in Barangay Iyusan in the municipality of Almeria, just 20 minutes away from the capital town of Naval. We pass through these rice terraces on our way to Bagongbong waterfalls.

Over the years the Iyusan Rice Terraces have become a scenic attraction. These minute version of the world’s famous Banaue Rice Terraces of the Ifugaos lies on mountainous terrains where each terrace threads on the mountain’s innate slope.

These terraces were built to efficiently make use of the land in Biliran for rice production. It only shows how the people of Biliran effectively utilized their land resources which are mostly rugged and mountainous. Truly, it is a showcase of ingenuity and resourcefulness of the province’s local farmers.

The rice terraces are not just confined within the town of Almeria, there are also similar rice terraces in other municipalities. It may not be as grand as what I saw in Almeria but they are still equally stunning.

I’ve never been to Ifugao (yet) and this is the closest I could get to see rice terraces. :)

Another must-see visit in the province is the Mainit Hot Spring, located in Barangay Villa Vicenta (Mainit), municipality of Caibiran. Known for its healing prowess, the hot spring offers a natural pool with warm water where tourists can take a soothing dip to relieve tired and aching muscles.

One can also enjoy the sulfuric steam rising out of the natural hot spring, which is said to have medicinal content that provides a calming and soothing relief.

Take pleasure in dipping into its warm water believed to be good for arthritis, rheumatism, and skin allergies. Just be sure to test the water first before plunging in.

This is part of my solo weekend adventure in the province of Biliran last September 3-4, 2011. Dubbed as "undiscovered paradise", I was able to see great sights and panoramas such as waterfalls, islets, hot spring and rice terraces. Biliran is the 35th province on my list and this weekend adventure is my 9th solo trip. A side trip to Tacloban City, Leyte (my 36th province) is an added treat for this great weekend adventure.
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  1. Saya dyan, sarap mag-nature trip. Visited Biliran a few years back because I have a relative who one worked there. Sadly, at the time, I only had a rusty point and shoot film camera, tapos di pa yata uso ang blog nun hehehe

  2. municipality_of_caibiran@yahoo.comOctober 18, 2011 at 8:07 AM

    hi po..ang mainit hotspring po ay sa brgy. villa vicenta hindi po sa brgy. mainit dahil hindi wala pong brgy. mainit...anyways thank you po sa pag punta!sana napunthan din nyo yung curucarajah waterfalls its in one place lng upper ng hotspring..

  3. A dip in that warm and calming hot spring is just what I need right now.

  4. @Nortehanon - Ahahaha! it's about time to visit Biliran again! thanks Nortehanon!

  5. @lakwatsera de primera - ahahaha! malamig ba dyan ngayun or pagod lang kaka-lakwatsa? hehehe!

  6. These are the first photos I've seen of Biliran. I don't know much about that province, except that it's near Leyte (am not even sure, haha!).

    Their rice terraces are so cute! Another new one for me. And the hot spring is a beauty. Thanks for featuring this almost unknown province. But I'm shocked you've not been to Ifugao! :)

  7. wow..gusto ko dun sa hot spring..parang in touch with nature ka talaga..tas me bimpo ka pa sa ulo..

  8. ganda na rin yung pagkagawa nila ng terraces. wider and elevation is lower. similar to the ones in don salvador benedicto in negros

  9. @municipality_of_caibiran@yahoo.com I'm not from Caibiran but I know that Brgy. Mainit is the former name of Brgy. Villa Vicenta...Been there 10 years ago..we also visted the carucaraja falls..it's very wonderful

  10. @AJ - yeah, Biliran is located north of Leyte... so cute talaga... oo nga eh, plan ko next year pumunta ng Ifugao and Mt. Province... thanks AJ! :)

  11. @June | iXplore - yeah, for I believe that if one love to see great sights, care and protection for the environment follow... i want to promote that think... thanks June!

  12. @dong ho - ay meron din pala sa Negros? I'll research about it... :)

  13. @lucille - ah... thanks for the inputs Lucille... :)

  14. ooh, dami pala makikita dito aside from the rock formations I often see online. :) Thanks for posting this. :)


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