Travel Guide : Getting to Samal Island from Davao City

Davao Beach Club

The island garden city of Samal is a small island off the coast of Davao Del Norte. The beaches in the island are the most sought after asset of the province. Its landscape is an amalgamation of rocky heights, sprawling hills and pristine white sand beaches. There are also waterfalls, beach coves, caves, dive spots and adventure facilities for those who seek thrilling experiences.

In going to the Island from Davao City, there are several ways that you may consider:

via Sta Ana Wharf
You can take ferry boats near Magsaysay Park that will directly bring you to Kaputian Beach Wharf.

via SASA Km 11 Wharf
Located along JP Laurel Avenue, Sasa, Km. 11 wharf is where motorboats are available to ferry passengers directly to Babak wharf.

via IGACOS Ferry Terminal
There are non-aircon Samal Island buses in Magsaysay park known as the "Island City Express" that will take you to IGACOS ferry terminal. The bus will then take a ferry boat going to Kinawitnon Wharf in Samal island.

Davao Beach Club Wharf

via Private Boats
Most resorts usually have private boats that transports guests from Davao City to the resort. You have to arrange it with your resort to know the details.

This is what we did. From our hostel in Davao City we took a cab going to Davao Beach Club where Blue Water beach resort's pump boat is docked. It only took us around 15 minutes to reach the resort.

On board Blue Water Resort's pump boat

Please note that we didn't take any of the first 3 routes, these were just based from available information on the internet.

This post is part of my adventures in Davao City and Davao Del Norte with my MBA friends last February 19-21, 2011. Thanks to Joan and Clarice for sharing some of their photos.

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Davao City
Davao Del Norte


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  1. thanks for this info. will keep this in mind when planning for our davao trip.

  2. lapit lang pala ng Samal island from the city. kung taga Davao city ako baka everyday ako nandito. sana makabiyahe naman ako sa Davao!

  3. @Calvin - your welcome po... thanks thanks! =D

  4. useful indeed! last time i was there, i took the Sta. Ana Wharf. :D

  5. Keep the posts coming on the Philipines! It's not a destination we think about in New Zealand so you may just change that perception.

  6. I never been to Davao. Seems interesting adventure. looking forward to more pics

    The Cuisineuer

  7. Thank you for sharing this info. It is always good to get first hand information!

  8. @ed - ako nga walang idea kung panu pupunta dun... it was my friends who organized everything... relak relaks lang muna ako on this trp... hehehe!!!

    @Jim - thanks a lot sir! come on to the Pilippines!

    @Rome - yeah, Davao has a lot to offer...

    @Nelieta - thanks po...

  9. wow! another helpful post frm pinoyadventurista! thnx for sharing! sana matuloy na ako jan

  10. done...ki$$e$ for you pare...Wow ganda naman dyan pare!

  11. thank for your tips...
    visit back pls!

  12. I went to Samal Island just last month. Indeed, it's a great island to visit. I can still remember the blue and clear water of the beach. I really love Davao. A very informative post btw! :-)

  13. hi. me and my mom are planning to go to samal island this june. can you recommend a beach resort? thank you

  14. i miss Davao more, after reading and seeing the pix! :P

  15. @metalpig - ako din, i wanna go back to Davao... :)

  16. @Anonymous - try Blue Waters Beach Resort in Salaml Island, their accommodations are budget friendly... :)

  17. Next destination ko yung Davao and Samal! at Blue waters din ang planong kong resort!! wohoo000!!

    kaya ba sa day tour ng davao na mapuntahan si lolong? o malayo na?

    salamat pinoyadventurista!

    1. nope, malayo pa ang Bunawan eh... mga 7 hours yata from Davao City... mas ok na entry point ang Butuan if you're going to Bunawan to see lolong... :)

  18. Hi poh!
    I'll be in davao next year sometime in april. i won a gc for d pearl farm beach resort accomodation in samal house 3d2n. is it good in pearl farm than in blue water beach? what else will be in our itinerary for our 3days stay in pearl farm davao. can u recomend other activities to maximize our visit in davao city.

    1. hi! I haven't been to pearl farm, I cannot compare the tow... kindly check out my other posts on Davao del Norte for the activities...

  19. Hi, From Davao city Go to the Magsaysay Park and take a ferry to Sta. Ana. Wharf. It will take you to Kaputian Beach Wharf and the travel time is merely about an hour. You can either walk or ride a motorbike from there to reach Kaputian Beach.

    Is this true that you will be drop off in kaputian beach? You can already stay there right?
    Is it good enough to enjoy samal in low budget trip?


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