Why Should You Visit the UK?

Why Should You Visit the UK?

If you're interested in traveling internationally but you're not sure where to start, you might consider going to the UK. But what makes this island so interesting and worth visiting? And what are the main reasons people travel there?

Why Should You Visit the UK?

These are some of the top reasons why you should visit the UK.

1. It’s easy. Traveling to the UK is easy, especially if you already live in a developed country that speaks English. Thanks to the UK ETA program, which will fully roll out in 2024, you can apply online for travel authorization, bypassing the visa application that could otherwise be prohibitive. Most people are approved automatically, and even if your digital application is flagged for manual review, it shouldn't take long to get human approval (unless there's a reason why you're barred from entering the country). Additionally, if you already speak English, you should have little to no trouble understanding the people around you or engaging with the culture.

2. It’s small. Sometimes, people travel with the expectation that “bigger is better:” the more things there are to see, and the more area there is to explore, the more possibilities there are. But there are also advantages to visiting a small country. Everything is much closer together, so you spend less time getting from point A to point B. You can accomplish more things in less time overall. And you can truly get to know the character of a small country – rather than one small area of it.

3. The culture is welcoming and fun. Speaking of character, the culture in the UK is usually welcoming and fun. If you visit the local pub and chat up the locals, you'll likely be received by warm hospitality and some light-spirited humor. As long as you aren't especially rude, you should have no trouble fitting in.

4. There are breathtaking natural scenes. From the Lake District to the Jurassic Coast, there are breathtaking natural scenes throughout the country. You can explore rolling hills, beautiful waters, rocky mountain sides, and lush arrays of vegetation and wildlife. Many people associate the UK with London and other big cities, but there are plenty of rural and open natural areas to explore as well.

5. Big cities are packed with unique finds. London and big cities are worth visiting, of course. Despite being a bit more crowded and more expensive than other areas, big cities have countless activity options, amazing restaurants and stores, and of course, a diverse assortment of wonderful, interesting people.

6. The history dates back millennia. If you feel like exploring historical sites, the UK has plenty. Stonehenge, one of the most iconic historical monuments in the UK, is estimated to have been constructed in 3000 BC. Other historical landmarks were completed in the last century. Regardless of which historical periods you prefer, you'll find something that's equal parts intriguing and educational.

7. The food is delicious. Most people don't recognize British cuisine the same way they recognize Mexican, Italian, or other ethnic staples, but the food in the UK is delicious. Visit a local gastropub and enjoy some true classics, like Shepherd’s pie, Sunday roast, bangers and mash, or Yorkshire pudding.

8. Royal architecture is stunning. There are countless castles and royal residences to visit in the UK, including Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, and Hampton Court Palace. Whether you're enamored with the royal family or you're just an architectural enthusiast, you'll love visiting these classic landmarks.

9. The arts are on full display. In London’s West End, and in artistic pockets throughout the UK, you can enjoy a menagerie of artistic performers. Attend a theatrical performance, listen to local musicians, or head to an art gallery to see what's on display.

10. You can find whatever you’re looking for. Realistically, whatever your motivation is for traveling, you'll probably find something of interest in the UK. It's one of those countries that has everything you could want, with ample food, entertainment, nature, history, and friendly people.

Making the Most of Your Trip

If you want to make the most of your trip to the UK, these are some strategies that can assist you:

Take as many days as you can. Despite being a relatively small country, you probably won't see everything if you only visit for a week. Two weeks can give you a great introduction to the UK, but most people would benefit from taking even more time.

Don’t pack your schedule. There's a lot to see and do in this area, so it makes sense to create a thorough itinerary. But at the same time, you should avoid packing your schedule. Having more free time to roam and explore can help you discover things that are practically unlisted.

Avoid the tourist traps. There are tourist traps basically everywhere you can find people – but don’t fall for them. You’ll have a much more authentic, enjoyable, and inexpensive experience living and interacting with UK locals naturally.

Some people enjoy traveling more than others, and the UK is certainly going to appeal to some people more than others. But everyone can benefit from international travel, and there's something for literally everyone to enjoy in the UK, specifically. In fact, you might find that there are so many things to see, you can't see them all in one trip! Don't rule out the possibility of making a visit to the UK a regular experience.


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