Best Places to Visit in the UK

Top Best Things To Do and Places to Visit in United Kingdom Travel Guide

The UK is one of the most popular places for tourism globally. One of the best things about the UK is how easy it is to get from one place to another. The UK has some of the best infrastructures, with buses, trains, cars, cabs, and more to help tourists. They also have an excellent London Underground system for commuters and great connectivity.

Many people obtain visitor visas to consider the UK as a tourist destination and a potential country of residence for the future. Tourists like to come to the UK, get a feel of the place, figure out career prospects, business opportunities, schools, and more, and then apply for a business visitor visa. Getting the information first-hand and ensuring all the documentation and paperwork are carefully done is critical when moving to a new place.

The UK is one such country with strict laws, rules, and regulations for immigration that require careful scrutiny. A well-reputed London immigration solicitor can help with the legalities, documentation, visa formalities, transfer paperwork, funds, and other licenses and agreements that you may need. Getting all this done initially is the best way to consider immigrating and shifting to the UK.

Without further ado, let us help you figure out the best places to visit in the UK as you consider the beauty of this country while also thinking about the future shifting.


Always start with the best, most thriving city in the UK. London is where all the magic happens. You can do everything in London, from visiting Buckingham Palace to glimpse the Royal Family, the Jewel House with the famous Crown Jewels, walking along with the Big Ben and view the Parliament Buildings, shopping, drinking at the local pubs, and catching a football match.

There's also the famous Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the globally recognized London Zoo. Apart from these, other attractions keep you occupied, like plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants to pick and choose from and lots of street food options for foodies.


Once you're done with the capital of England, you should head to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh houses the majestic Edinburgh Castle with its rich history, basalt rock formation, fabulous city views, and strategic warfare and defence construction.

Apart from the Edinburgh Castle, you should also visit the Stone of Destiny (the Stone of Scone), which returned to Scotland from England after being held for 700 years. If you want to delve into the incredible history of Scotland, you should ensure a trip to the Scottish National War Memorial. Visit the Royal Mile in Old Town with its boutique cafés, restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops for shopping.

If you have just arrived and need somewhere to put your valuables and belongings while you explore, then consider using the lockers waverley station. You can rest assured your suitcases will be safe and secure as you walk around and check out all the hotspots and must-see attractions in the area.


Stonehenge has been one of the world's oldest pilgrimage sites for more than 4500 years. It is believed to be a place of worship. However, most footfall now is from the scores of tourists visiting to see this World Heritage Site.

The sprawling Stonehenge site is more than 20 sq. kilometers, with an advanced visitor centre explaining the history and cultural significance. Most visitors cannot enter the stone circle during operational hours, but you can purchase a pre-booked ticket for early morning or late evening access.

Inverness and Loch Ness

Mythical monster of Loch Ness aside, you should visit the Highlands of the Loch Ness region and visit the ruins of Urquhart Castle (dating back to the 14 century). The fortifications and military strategy employed in defence of this castle are a sight to behold.

At a short distance from Inverness is the Culloden Battlefield and Visitors Centre. This centre is a tribute explaining the battle of Culloden in 1746 and the subsequent British dominion over Scotland. Fans of the popular TV series Outlander will be pleased to know that they can take a walk and pay tribute to the brave warriors of the various Scottish clans.

Giant's Causeway

One of Northern Ireland's best-known attractions, the Giant's Causeway is made up of naturally laid out columns of basalt that jut up from the sea. This incredible formation of layered columns looks like a giant staircase coming straight up from the water. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and gets the maximum number of tourists and visitors to Northern Ireland.

Getting there is easy from Belfast since it's just a short drive away. There's also a modern visitor centre with myths, details, and facts about the Giant's Causeway.


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