6 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Listen To Live Music In 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Listen To Live Music In 2023

Music nourishes the soul - it is the universal language that everyone speaks. These things we already know, but why should we travel to listen to live music this year? Read on for the top six reasons to travel to hear your favorite band.

1. See New Places

This is the most obvious reason to travel. The key point here is that traveling to listen to your favorite group will take you off the beaten track, whether that might be the mercury lounge nyc or somewhere totally random in Tennessee.

You might find yourself in an Irish pub or in a club in Washington – you have no idea where the beat will take you.

2. The Feel-Good Factor

Listening to live music always makes us feel good about ourselves. According to research, listening to music can reduce anxiety and blood pressure. It can also improve sleep and memory.

What’s more, traveling complements this perfectly: it gives you a chance to escape reality and gain a new perspective. This is especially true if you find yourself down a tiny lane in search of a little-known pop star. The sense of discovery is great for your mental health and well-being.

3. Meet Celebrities

By stepping outside of your usual haunts, you might find yourself encountering celebrities. In small gigs, you might get the chance to talk to the singer or the band after. In larger venues, like festivals – you might find yourself partying with the famous.

For example, Coachella is well-known as a celebrity hangout. Who wouldn’t want to party with Vanessa Hudgens or Justin Bieber?

4. Style

One reason you might want to travel to hear music is because of the fashion trends. You’ll find that fashion changes depending on the part of the world you’re in, but it even changes from state to state. If you have a brand new outfit waiting, then the best time to wear it is a massive festival – it’s essentially just a large party!

You’ll find out the latest trends, but whether you’re traveling and wearing funky leather in Berlin or crotchet and cardigans at Coachella – you’ll know you can wear whatever you want and still have a great time.

5. Make Friends

Building a friendship group and community gets harder as you get older. The next time you’re at a music venue or festival, why don’t you introduce yourself and make friends?

The best part is that you’ll already have music in common, and you’ll have plenty to talk about concerning travel, the location, and the artist on stage. Connecting with new people is great and will really push you out of your comfort zone – what are you waiting for?

6. Stay In New Places

One part of traveling is that you’ll stay in a variety of hotels, hostels, and campsites. This is an excellent experience that will make you grow. Not only will this help you meet new people but it’s an exciting way to see parts of the world you wouldn’t usually.

If you’re staying in a music venue, the chances are - your idol will have stayed in the same place years before you.

What’s more, one of the most exciting aspects of going to a festival is camping - under the stars, listening to your favorite music with a crowd of people who share your passion.

Thank You For The Music

As you chase the tunes, you’ll be saying ‘thank you for the music’ as the pursuit of bands and artists you like leads you all around the world, making you meet extraordinary people and find hidden gems.


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