Four of the Best Festivals in Europe

Best Festivals in Europe

With summer usually comes the need to get out there and enjoy oneself in the sunshine and relish in the atmosphere that the good weather brings with it. And if music is a passion of yours, chances are that your summer usually entails a musical festival or two also.

For many travelers, attending music festivals in another country is so much more than just enjoying a band in a scenic setting. It brings with it the perfect opportunity to take in the native culture and get up close and personal with the locals of the area.

No other continent compares to Europe when it comes to the variety and availability of world-class music festivals. On that note, I’ve compiled the following list of four of the best festivals in Europe that are definitely worth checking out:

1. Glastonbury Festival, England

Glastonbury has grown to become one of the world’s largest music and performing arts festivals and it is the inspiration behind many festivals that have been launched after its inception. Held in the south west of England, the festival is so popular that the tickets for it sell out in record time every year.

Headline acts always include some of the world’s biggest performers as well as many other popular acts that span a wide range of different genres and cater to different age groups. It usually lasts for a few days and there is no expense spared when it comes to the facilities and structures that are at the event.

Best Festivals in Europe

2. Incontra il Mondo, Rome

What has been described as the best classical music festival in all of Europe, the Incontra il Mondo in Rome has a lot to offer lovers of this genre of music. Musicians from around the world gather in Villa Ada Park, a quaint setting that allows musicians and festival goers to appreciate the lakeside stage, the relaxing atmosphere and the genuine beauty of the area.

When the music stops, there are plenty of bars and stalls in the vicinity that provide delicious goods and nice keepsakes. And seen as Rome is a city that’s steeped in all things culture and art related, it wouldn’t be fair to visit the city without immersing yourself in at least some of its fascinating history. A night out at the opera and a visit to the Vatican are both must-do activities when in the area – see here for more info.

3. Mandrea Festival, Italy

If you’re into the relaxed reggae infused genre of music, the Mandrea festival in Italy will literally blow your mind. Held over the last weekend of July each year, the event is set up on a cliff edge overlooking Lake Garda and will usually have a bohemian feel to it, despite the presence of other music genres such as techno and dance.

As it’s held in Italy, there is no shortage of great tasting Italian delights such as stone-baked pizzas, pasta, delicious desserts and some of the best coffee in the world.

4. Rock en Seine, France

Rock en Seine is one of the few big festivals in Europe that takes place in a city setting. Held on the beautiful gardens of the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud on the western fringes of Paris, the festival is well known for its organized and civil approach to camping with features such as complimentary showers and slightly more refined festival breakfasts (this is Paris after all!).

Featuring a mix of popular music genres from across the world, visitors will get ample time to wander around Paris before the festival begins as, unlike many other festivals, it doesn’t start until 3pm on each of the three days that it is held.

Regardless of what type of music you prefer to listen to, there is something special about enjoying live music and the atmosphere of a festival in a different country. So, on your next trip to Europe, why not include a music festival or two in your itinerary?


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