7 Reasons to Choose a Cozy Hotel for Your Events

7 Reasons to Choose a Cozy Hotel for Your Events

The choice of venue can set the tone of your event. Careful consideration should be taken to guarantee that you are choosing the right place for the occasion. Aside from ensuring it’s accessible, such as a hotel near MoA or Mall of Asia if your event is being held in Pasay City, the size of the function halls and ballrooms should also be considered before deciding on the right venue.

Typically, coordinators or hosts choose the largest hotel, even for gatherings of less than a hundred attendees. They might think they’ll receive the best service and amenities for their guests by booking a large function room for their event. However, as they say, bigger is not always better.

For certain gatherings, a cozier hotel may be more suitable for your event. In this article, you’ll discover reasons why a smaller, cozier hotel would be a better choice.

Smaller Hotels Provide Personalized Service

With a smaller hotel, the staff can take the time to really personalize their service and make their guests feel like royalty. But you can’t say the same about big chain hotels with massive operations. Because they have a large number of guests, interactions with individual occupants tend to be brief and more on the impersonal side. 

In terms of organizing an event, coordination with hotel staff is crucial for the success of the event. With their help, you can resolve problems such as not having enough seats, running out of food, or having medical emergencies. Moreover, they may even lend a hand if you don’t have someone to hand out the credentials, for example.

Smaller Hotels Foster Great Working Relationships

If you regularly hold events such as seminars, workshops, and conferences, having a reliable venue available when you need it is a godsend. That’s why it pays to be friends with the hotel staff and management. As their regular customers, they may be persuaded to book function rooms for you even on short notice. More importantly, you may even be given special rates for being such a loyal customer.

Smaller Hotels Can Be More Cost-Effective

With small venues come smaller costs. Cozier hotels may offer better deals as they use fewer resources to provide service. And if your event requires decorations such as a wedding, you can save so much money by not having to decorate a large ballroom-type space. In fact, some of the challenges when holding events, such a large space with 20-foot ceilings, include figuring out how to decorate it to make it more intimate for guests.

Since the cost of renting a venue is usually one of your biggest expenditures, it would be wise to consider holding the event somewhere cozy if it fits the occasion and the budget.

Smaller Hotels Are Suitable for Intimate Gatherings

If you’re having a celebration with just close family and friends, a smaller hotel function hall makes more sense than booking an entire ballroom. Some events that could do well in a smaller venue are book launches, wedding receptions, birthday parties, seminars, and workshops. 

Hosting the event somewhere cozy forces people to interact and mingle better. With a smaller space, people may feel more open to chatting and networking in an unstructured and organic manner. Plus, there’s no need to decorate the space to make it look intimate because it already is.

Smaller Hotels Are Amenable to Guests

When catering food, these days you have to navigate a minefield of allergies and alternative diets for your guests. It’s a good thing that smaller venues tend to be more flexible in meeting attendees’ different needs — dietary or otherwise.

The hotel staff tends to have more freedom to respond to guests’ requests. This is unlike a chain hotel where staff requires the approval of managers or other departments if the request seems out of the ordinary.

Smaller Hotels Provide Easier to Manage Function Rooms

With smaller function rooms and function halls, you can manage simultaneous seminars and workshops better. If you have multiple speakers scheduled, it would be easier to manage the people who want to attend specific talks.

Conventions are not always the big events everybody attends such as Comicon and other anime conventions. It could be specialized for industries that do not require massive space to host. For these types of events, you may want to consider having it in a smaller hotel with multiple function rooms.

Smaller Hotels May Provide More Desirable Concessions

Concessions are special deals, discounts, or complimentary services offered by the hotel in exchange for booking venues with them. Small hotels are likely to offer more desirable concessions such as complimentary rooms for speakers or special guests, room upgrades, free parking, and free re-booking. 

When deciding on your venue, you shouldn’t be confined to big-name hotel brands. Instead, try to find much better deals with smaller hotels that offer intimate venues. You might realize just how much more advantageous it is to book these types of hotels. More importantly, you can develop long-term business relationships that will be mutually beneficial for the long term.


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