Top 3 Most Important Things to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Venue for your Wedding

How to choose the best wedding venue Bride Story Philippines

After the couple gets engaged, two questions will always pop up. When and where? When can be easily done by picking the best time for the both sides where they are both prepared. At the other hand, picking the venue is one of the most crucial decisions that should be made before the planning of wedding. Venue might be taken for granted especially when you easily fall in love with the aesthetic of the place. But you should always keep in mind that choosing a venue is more than just finding the location for your wedding, but it is also about meeting all the needs not only for the couple, but also for the guests.

Here are the things you might consider when choosing the perfect venue:

1. Logistics

It is important that the location you are going to choose will be accessible for the majority of your guests. You should also consider the travel time of getting everyone to your venue. Is it accessible by car? Easy to locate by commuters? I guess you don’t want late attendees right?

2. Style and theme

Venue is also important when it comes to the participation of the style and theme of your wedding. Just for example, you want a fairytale theme with vibrant colors and then your venue has completely black walls and dark colored interiors. Do you think the venue will match your desired theme? Of course not!

3. Size

Finalize the head count of your guest list. What is the purpose of renting a huge and big space if you want a solemn and intimate wedding with just few and selected guests? Or how about inviting all your neighbors and relatives but with a small and limited space. Of course you don’t want to ruin your wedding just because your venue can’t accommodate all your guests, right?

How to choose the best wedding venue Bride Story Philippines

These are only few on many things to consider when choosing the perfect venue for your wedding. I know it would be hard, but I am here to recommend you a site where all your wedding needs are rolled into one. Visit www.bridestory.com.ph. They are offering wedding services, depending on your needs and budget. So if you are looking for the best spot for your wedding, Bridestory will be a great help.

How to choose the best wedding venue Bride Story Philippines

Imagine, you don’t have to travel and inquire one by one. That’s a lot of time to waste. All you have to do is scroll, search for the category that will suit your needs, and that’s it! Choices are right in front of you.

How to choose the best wedding venue Bride Story Philippines

Browse and study every detail a vendor offering you. Pictures, information, and details are all given by every vendor’s profile. Don’t worry, they have thousand of vendors, so expect that you will find your desired venue.

It would be so much relief for you, all your needs with just one click. Hurry now! Great deals are waiting for you!


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