The 15 Best Yacht Charter Destinations in the World

The 15 Best Yacht Charter Destinations in the World

The time to plan your vacation is now! With everything that has been happening in the world, and everyone still slowly adjusting to the new normal that the onslaught of the pandemic brought, you know that you deserve a break. We all deserve a break. This is why now is the perfect time to charter a yacht. The world is your oyster as you could very well go wherever you may please with a yacht charter. You can go anywhere! It’s all so easy now as you simply need to book at Simpson Yacht Charters in Singapore or any of your favorite charter companies and you’d get to easily explore many beautiful islands for days. If you’re still planning on booking and you don’t quite know yet where to go, allow us to help you. We’d enlist 15 of the world’s best destinations for yacht charter holidays! Read on, take note, and sail away!

The 15 Best Yacht Charter Destinations in the World

The 15 Best Yacht Charter Destinations in the World

1. Greece

Greece is fantastic for yacht charter holidays because you’d get to explore over 3,000 islands and islets. A yacht charter holiday in Greece will have you feeling rejuvenated after days of delving into ancient archaeology, rich Greek culture, and stunning landscapes. You should prioritize visiting Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini.

2. St. Martin

St. Martin is always on the top list of the best places to spend a yacht charter holiday because it is simply overflowing with beauty. Ruled by both the Netherlands and France, the place is perfect to discover if you want to experience two different cultures in one destination. When in St. Martin, don’t skip a chance to visit Saba, Anguilla, and St. Barths. St. Barths is a favorite among celebrities.

3. Turkey

Turkey is easily one of the best destinations for a yacht charter holiday because it is surrounded by not just one but four seas. It has 8,300 kilometers of coastline that is rich with bays, inlets, coves, marinas, and beaches. It is a sailor’s paradise!

4. Croatia

The 1,000-plus islands of Croatia will not let you down. It is considered one of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean. It’s best if you want to spend your yacht charter holiday exploring ancient villages and pristine beaches --- some even uninhabited.

5. Canary Islands, Spain

Europeans love the Canary Islands! It’s best for sailing because it has favorable winds all year round. If you’re up for partying all night, you shouldn’t skip checking our Tenerife.

6. French Rivera

It is a must for every avid yacht charterer to visit French Riveira at least once. It is sunny all year so sailing around the area will always be pleasant. It is home to the beautiful resorts of Nice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo.

7. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

In the very heart of the Great Barrier Reef are Australia’s Whitsunday Islands. You will love spending your yacht charter holiday here as you’d get to do water sports for days. Diving and snorkeling are always lovely to experience here. Don’t skip Bauer Bay as it will give you the best view of the islands.

8. Singapore

Singapore is the destination to visit if you want to sail relaxingly, and still be surrounded by all things cosmopolitan. Your yacht charter holiday in Singapore will be ever memorable if you’d get to visit all the beautiful islands surrounding it including Tioman Island, Raja Ampat, and Anambas Island. Singapore is also ideal if you want to dedicate days to going all-out shopping during your yacht charter holiday.

9. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a favorite among sailors. There is something about its secluded anchorages, beautiful beaches, and serene fishing villages that soothes the soul. If you’re pressed for time, make sure that you at least get to visit Palermo.

10. Thailand

Sailors from all over the world also love Thailand. Its towering palm trees, sandy beaches, and breathtaking mountain ranges are always a sight to behold. The good thing with a yacht charter holiday here is you’d get to truly relax during the morning and party like there’s no tomorrow, all night. One word: Phuket.

11. Tortola, British Virgin Islands

You will never run out of yachts to charter in the British Virgin Islands. This place has the most number of yachts in one area compared to all places in the world. It is visited by many because of its consistent trade winds, numerous sheltered anchorages, and spectacular line-of-site navigations.

12. Seychelle Islands

This group of islands is often described as paradise on earth by many writers. This is the case because it is the very epitome of tropical living with its swaying palm trees, towering granite rocks, and white sand beaches. Exploring its 115 islands is fun because they are situated in the balmy and calm part of the Indian Ocean.

13. Fiji

If you want to explore the Southwest Pacific, then you should definitely check out the 300 stunning islands of Fiji. You will love Fiji as it is filled with beautiful lagoons, spectacular reefs, and rich sea life. You will easily fall in love with its crystal-clear water.

14. Monaco

If you want to be fully luxurious on your yacht charter holiday, you should visit Monaco. Although small, Monaco is home to a few of the most exclusive properties in the world. In fact, it is home to the world-famous Monte Carlo casino. Yacht charterers love it here because it is sunny all year round.

15. Dubai

Dubai is ideal for your next yacht charter holiday because it will give you the best of both worlds. It is both traditional and modern. For a very luxurious place that is even home to the biggest yacht in the world, the Azzam, Dubai is a very down-to-earth destination. This is why you’d surely enjoy exploring its beautiful beaches while shopping at traditional markets, tasting delicious Arabic food, and even riding camels.


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