How To Have A Great Time In Brisbane?

How To Have A Great Time In Brisbane?

Brisbane is one of the most popular Australian cities with tourists, and also one of the most iconic. If you have never visited before, then now’s a good time to. Australia’s tourism sector is reopening after two years’ worth of lockdowns, and prices are low. As tourism gradually picks up again, prices will inevitably increase. Australia is not a cheap country to travel in, so travelling now will definitely be a great way for you to save yourself some money.

This post will explore this topic in more detail, explaining how you can have a great time in Brisbane, the capital of Australia’s Queensland region.

How To Have A Great Time In Brisbane?

Car Rentals

Brisbane’s a large city. Queensland is a large state. If you are visiting, then you’re better off renting a car than you are relying on public transport or taxis. You can arrange cheap Brisbane Airport car hire several weeks before your visit. Booking your car rental in advance will help you to save money. Having a rental car will give you a lot more freedom, too. When you have a car rental, you are able to go anywhere that you want, without restriction.

Hotel Reservations

Another thing that you need to consider is hotel reservations. While there’s no shortage of hotels in Brisbane, it can be harder to find a room during the summer months, when travellers are visiting from all over the world (and domestically). Be sure to book your hotel room a few months in advance of your trip, if you can. Booking in advance helps you to ensure that you have a room waiting for you when you get there. Booking in advance may also help you to save money since some hotels offer travellers discounts when they book early.

Planning Activities

There’s a lot to do in Brisbane. Before visiting, draw up a list of things that you want to do and see. Creating a travel itinerary will help you to make each day’s activities a lot clearer. A lot of travel experts say that planning in advance is a bad idea because it makes one’s travels rigid, but this is not always true. Planning each day’s activities in advance can actually give you more freedom, because you won’t have to spend the morning of each day sitting down on your phone, frantically looking for things to do.

Drinking Culture

Australia’s drinking culture is world-famous. Everybody knows that Australians like a good drink. On your visit, be sure to immerse yourself in Brisbane’s drinking culture. There are literally hundreds of bars and pubs open to the public. If you want to get an authentic experience, then visit a pub that’s open to locals, not tourists. Such pubs are usually found in more residential areas, on the city’s outskirts. If you are visiting a smaller pub designed for locals then make sure that you are respectful and do not cross any boundaries.

Brisbane is a very interesting city, with a lot to do there. If you have never been before, then you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself. Be sure to follow this post’s guidance on your trip, so you can make the most of it.


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