Spring Break in Berlin: Absolute Things to Do

Spring Break in Berlin: Absolute Things to Do Germany

Is it already spring break? Then it’s time for a vacation, but where? We have a proposal: Berlin or…Berlin! You can’t miss this city’s attractions!

The German capital is astonishingly beautiful, with lots of culture, media, and science. Besides, its diverse art scene continues to blow away tourists with hundreds of events, galleries, and museums. Although devastated during the Second World War, Berlin has been reborn, becoming what it’s today: a celebration of art, culture, and youth. The capital of Germany is famous for the eclectic mix of classic and modern it provides visitors with, as well as the eye-catching architecture, entertainment activities, and various sports.

Berlin is everything but not run-of-the-mill. There are endless things to do here. So, if you’re looking for a memorable spring break destination, look no more! Let’s explore what the vibrant city of Berlin has to offer.

The Brandenburg Gate

The impressive Brandenburg Gate is probably the most famous landmark in Berlin, but is there any wonder? This architectural jewelry tells the history of a city that underwent many changes during WW2. The neoclassical monument is located in the western part of the Berlin city center, so it’s impossible to miss. It was the grounds for critical historical events, such as the separation of Berlin. But the Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989; thus, the gate became a symbol of freedom, unity, and peace. The 26-meter-tall monument is situated in the Mitte district’s Pariser Platz, close enough to the Reichstag building so that you can visit both spots on the same day.

Don’t forget about the Brandenburg lakes that convey idyllic scenes. If you visit the city during spring, you can try swimming or sunbathing because the water is usually warm during this season.

Museum Island

Museuminsel, or Spree Island, is Berlin’s one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as it’s home to the city’s most beautiful museums, including the New Museum and the Old Museum. If you’re particularly interested in Ancient Egyptian art, the former is the perfect place to escape, but if you’re an Etruscan, Greek, and Roman art enthusiast, consider the latter. Both museums are great and provide a substantial history lesson for any passionate out there. Apart from Neues and Altes Museums, you can also admire the enticing Pergamon, Bode Museum, and Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie. Bode Museum, for example, is well known for its impressive Byzantine art and sculptures, so if this particular period in history has always grabbed your attention, there is no way to be in Berlin and not visit the Bode Museum.

The Pergamon is also one of the most visited museums in Berlin and, more than that, in Europe. That’s because it features significant art pieces from the Market Gate of Miletus to the Ishtar Gate. It also consists of Islamic art, so if you’re a fan of these works mentioned above, we highly recommend traveling to Berlin. Today’s travel options are so vast that it’s impossible not to find something suitable for your needs and budget.

Explore Berlin by Bike

It might sound a bit exhausting, but trust us, Berlin is best to explore by bike. Its numerous routes, canal paths, and parks make Berlin one of the most intriguing cities to explore while cycling. Besides, it’s an excellent opportunity to live like a local and get to know the city more deeply than if with a bus or tram. As you bike through the German capital, you’ll surely stop in front of the Reichstag building to admire the flair of this monument.

Nevertheless, you need to be cautious on the wheels and wear helmets. Also, it would be wise to avoid aimless pedestrians, other bikers, cobbles, and tram lines, as they can pose real hazards.

If you’re ready to adventure on Berlin’s streets by bike, ensure you first arrive in Berlin. With NS International, for example, you can travel to the German capital on a budget, rapidly, and comfortably.


Berlin’s Grosser Tiergarten has long been a popular tourist spot, and we can only relate. The abundance of plants (flowers, trees, shrubs) makes it one of the favorite tourist attractions. Although it was initially a royal hunting reserve where wild pigs and deer were kept, it’s now a park where you can start your next adventure in the capital of Germany. Whether you’re looking for outstanding monuments, a spot of sunbathing, or a beer, Tiergarten is perfect for any occasion. Among the park’s most interesting monuments are the Victory Column (Siegessaule), the Monument to Frederick Wilhelm III, and the Statue of Queen Luise. Tiergarten is, without a doubt, a tribute to influential historical personalities, so if you find yourself somewhere nearby, we heartily advise you to visit this magical place.

The Nikolai Quarter

Nikolaiviertel is the centerpiece of the old city, where you will find many of Berlin’s popular attractions and tantalizing things to do beyond the traditional tourist sites. It’s a pedestrian-friendly quarter that is likely to blow you away with its various small buildings set along alleyways. These include cafes and restaurants, as well as shops and historic buildings. The Ephrain Palace and Knoblauch House are some of the most sought-after attractions, which should come as no surprise. Their exquisite look would impress even the pickiest visitor out there. This place, jam-packed with old fountains, lattice windows, and lanterns, breathes history and culture, being impossible not to fall in love with it.

Where to Stay in Berlin during the Spring Break

When it comes to the capital of Germany, you have so many accommodation options that it would be hard to choose something. From luxury hotels like the Regent Berlin and Hotel Adlon Kempinski to budget hotels such as CUBE Lodges Berlin Mitte and the Ibis Berlin KurfΓΌrstendamms, there is something for everyone. And let’s not forget those fantastic mid-range hotels such as the Circus Hotel, Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West, or Hotel Gat Point Charlie. You can find modern, classic, or funky accommodations here, and all will serve the same purpose – giving you the chance to visit one of the world’s most intriguing cities.


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