Road Trip Food Plan: Easy To Pack Meals & Snacks

Road Trip Food Plan: Easy To Pack Meals & Snacks

Are you planning a family road trip? It is always better to plan ahead. When planning, you must consider different things. Most important thing to prepare food to take on a road trip. But, what about you wanting to preserve your healthy lifestyle?

Moreover, when having a family road trip, many might think that you will only buy your road trip meals as soon as you arrive at your destination. However, most people tell us that menus from most fast-food restaurants are not healthy foods even though there are some offering great recipes. Nevertheless, everyone must have a complete road trip food list for a more enjoyable journey. Indeed, eating healthy always rewards you in the long run.

Why You Need Road Trip Food

An interesting fact is revealed that taking a weight loss supplement gives a totally healthy body. Thus, it is still better if you have the best road trip food every time you go out from your home. Aside from that, having road trip food ideas allows you to become more prepared. As such, having a defined road trip packing list may help you figure out the right budget you must spend for your meals.

Moreover, it is always good to stay healthy, regardless of how often you go out for a road trip. It eliminates the possibility of compromising your diet over your leisure activities or vice versa.

Road Trip Food Ideas

If road trip snacks are important, the road trip food list will not also become complete if you do not prepare some road trip meals. These road trip foods compiled by Health Canal are divided into three categories: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Road Trip Breakfast Ideas

First is the healthy road trip food for breakfast. For early meals, you can consider the following:
  • Dry cereal
  • Scones
  • Donuts
  • Muffins
  • Granola bars
  • Yogurt tubes
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Granola wrapped up in a tortilla
  • Peanut butter. You can have it with bread.
  • Road trip sandwiches. You can do it with bread and your chosen toppings.

Road Trip Lunch Ideas

Aside from being someone who is conscious with a budget, lunch time is one of the busiest times for eaters. To save time and money, a road trip packing list should include some well-prepared meals. You may use a portable cooler so that you can store your fresh veggies and fruits inside.

As for the list, you may consider the following:
  • Premade sandwiches. To make it interesting, you can include cheese and deli meat inside. If you want more thrill, you can use shaped sandwich cutters.
  • Peanut butter sandwiches. This is a more specific dish. Many are avoiding or skipping jelly on it.
  • Pita pocket. You can have it with more ingredients like mozzarella, cucumber, hummus, basil, turkey, and tomato.
  • Tuna salad
  • Roasted chicken. You can pair it with bread or sandwiches.

Road Trip Dinner Ideas

Most road trips end in the afternoon. However, there are instances where you want to spend the entire day on a trip. If that is the case, you will never go without preparing some food to pack for a road trip dinner.

Here are more foods you may consider bringing on your evening road trips.
  • Cold rotisserie chicken. Most people chunk it and serve it with a garden salad. You will need a disposable salad container for this.
  • Pre-made pasta salad. The most popular is Pizza Pasta Salad.
  • Cold pizza. This is a good alternative to Pizza Pasta Salad if you do not like eating pasta.
  • Hummus veggie
  • StarKist tuna salad. You can take it with an avocado half. Some are also using buns.
  • Chicken and pickled veggies. You can serve it in pitas.

Quick Question: Should you stick to a Plant-Based Diet and bring plant-based snacks only?

Plant-based diet becomes popular, especially since everyone is marketing it as 100% promising. But it is not for everybody at all. It will depend on one’s body chemistry.
Lectin-sensitive people benefit on the said diet, but not the opposite. Thus, this list provides you with a variety of road trip foods for you to choose.

Final Takeaway

You can definitely enjoy road trip adventures as having a healthy road trip can always be made possible. Whether you need healthy road trip snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there is always something for you. Yet, aside from bringing the best road trip foods, do not also forget non-food items such as portable refrigerator and heater as you may not want to eat cold meals.

Also, be sure to pack meals before road tripping. It is stated that you can either do it on your own if you have the ingredients like baking powder or order a ready to eat cheap but healthy meal.


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