Things to Do In the Car on A Road Trip

Things to Do In the Car on A Road Trip

Are you planning to go on a long car ride? Boredom in the car is the last thing that you'll have to worry about. All you need is a collection of fun ideas that you can indulge in during the trip. Luckily, we have some suggestion of fun things you can do in the car on a road trip.

Play great music

It is very important to come up with an enticing playlist that you can all enjoy a road trip. Ensure to sing along to the soundtrack and feel comfortable to applaud when a certain track ends.

Listen to audiobooks

There are various book files that you can listen to in your car during a road trip. With a good collection of them probably from your home library, you can just pass time without having much boredom.

Play magnetic matching games

This especially works so well when you are traveling with kids. Make a magnetic activity lap board for them and attach magnetic stuff to play with. This makes it easy for the kids to enjoy their play objects without falling off on the floor.

Watch movies

You can consider playing a family movie soundtrack when it's a family road trip. Just in case your car does not have a DVD player feature with an LCD screen you can consider carrying along a portable one.

Blow bubbles out of the car window

This is a fun activity to keep you occupied during a road trip. You just get a bottle of bubble mixture and blow the bubbles over the window as you enjoy the feel of wind on your face.

Keep your electronic devices charged

You can invest in your multi-way charger to ensure that none of your phones, iPads and other electronic devices is running out of power.

Make use of conversation mirror in your car

This important spy glass feature enables you to see what is going on in the backseat while driving without diverting all your attention from the road.
Debate over different things and make jokes at least to humor all occupants in the car along the road.

It's time to enjoy some prepackaged snacks

Enjoy a bunch of healthy snacks to keep you going. They will not only provide that energy that your body needs but also prevent boredom by keeping you occupied.
Ensure you feel the treat of eating niceties during this special occasion of adventures. Remember you will not get a road trip on every other day.

Feed your pet

As you fill your stomach, don't forget your best friend too, your pet. Use a bowl that is spill-proof to feed your pet so that you don't keep it starving. Ensure that it is comfortable too, better if the car seat cover for your pet is always clean. Good thing, most car covers can easily be cleaned even just by wiping with a piece of cloth.

Use only a map for navigation

At least go technology-free this time while locating places. You will find it more fun and that feel of satisfaction too when you reach your destination finally without using google maps.
Use an erase marker to take note of the places you have already been to and also the ones that you are headed for.

Car spotting

Try identifying other cars on the road with you. You can even make it a game and involve everyone else in the car.

Play cards

There are several card games that you can play to keep you busy and exercise your psychological skills as well. They include the most renowned poker game, napoleon, scum, bridge and other interesting card games. This, however, is one of the car activities that the driver will not get a chance to participate.

Give your feet a treat by offering a pedicure

Stretch your legs and carry out a pedicure on them for a refreshing feel. You can even take the fun to an extra mile by allowing them to dry while hanging over the car's window.

Wave to a number of people along the highway

You can get a bit perturbing on the road by being disruptive. Get random people waving back at you on the road. It's going to bring more fun for you on your road trip.

Pull over for a while to catch a glimpse of sunset or sunrise

It is fun to be at the sight of a sunset or even sunrise on a bright morning. Try it out during the road trip.

Allow yourself to take power naps

It's one of the ideal moments to relax your mind when you decide to go on a road trip. So long as you are not the one driving, enjoy some sessions of sleeping in the car on a road trip.

Download and play mobile game apps

You can use your iPad for various activities including playing mobile games. There are games such as the Road Trip Scavenger Hunt which you can play in your car while traveling. You can also get cheap family car games right from Google app store to keep you entertained.

Measure the milestones

It's a good idea when you decide to measure the milestones you cover in your trip. It is even more fun when all occupants in the car do it together.

Collaborate in solving puzzles

This is a good way for bonding with those you are in the car. You can put in place some little prizes for those who are going to win.

Take fun pictures and videos

You will definitely want to make this road trip memorable in the future. Take some pics in the car including those of your sleeping partner or relative. It is definitely going to be so much fun.

You can also take photos of landmarks along the road

Although it's already fun to be on a road trip, trying to make the most out of it with the activities above is undoubtedly a good bet.

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