Building a Meaningful Jewelry Collection During Your Travels

Building a Meaningful Jewelry Collection During Your Travels

Souvenirs such as jewelry are an important part of travel, with data from YouGov Omnibus showing that two out of every three travelers from the US bring back at least one memento from their adventures abroad. Unlike a traditional jewelry collection, a travel-inspired one is steeped in meaning and memory, with many individual pieces providing the perfect conversation starter for tourists to share their experiences with loved ones and acquaintances. If a holiday is just around the corner and you plan on bringing a few ‘wearable memories’ home, keep the following tips in mind.

Making it Authentic

During your vacation, try to discover more about national and local jewelry makers, so you can invest in pieces that are truly unique and different from what you might find back home. If you will be visiting the Philippines, for instance, aim to visit more areas than just Metro Manila, so you can discover jewelry items that preserve local culture and history. There are over 87 ethnic groups in the Philippines and some, like the T’boli community of South Cotobato, are famed for items like rings and bracelets with unique waves. The T’boli use unique casting techniques to make intricate, delicate pieces, some of which have been melted down from recycled church bells (which in turn date back to the Spanish occupation). Most other countries also have indigenous jewelry makers that specialize in meaningful pieces. Take the Maasai, whose colorful beaded jewelry symbolizes aspects of their daily life, or Moroccan jewelry makers, known for their symbolic jewelry that is meant to protect the wearer from evil or disease.

Buying Brand Jewelry Pieces

Many jewelers in Asia are harnessing the power of the Internet, building brand awareness thanks to the popularity of Instagram and other social media channels. Just a few Filipino brands to watch out for that are garnering likes from jewelry lovers across the globe, are Angkan, Nawa, Pranca, Stone River, Pung to Lumad, and Sesotunawa. The latter is actually T’boli owned and it specializes in rings, cuffs, and home decor. Oranca, meanwhile, makes beautiful minimalist pieces with pearls. Its pieces exude sophistication and elegance. Angkan, meanwhile, stocks pieces made by different indigenous communities from across the Philippines.

Choosing Local Materials

If the place you are visiting is known for the specific materials it chooses (be it metals or gemstones), aim to buy at least one piece that contains one or more of these materials. Tanzania, for instance, is known for its purple-blue Tanzanites, Kenya is famed for its Tsavorites, and Australia is known for its opals. Investing in these materials will enable you to feel instantly connected to the land or sea they were sourced from.

Most people enjoy purchasing souvenirs for themselves and for loved ones back home. If jewelry is your thing, source and select a few meaningful pieces during your next vacation. In the Philippines, you will be spoiled for choice, with a host of designers creating unique pieces that preserve and honor tradition.


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