5 Must-Visit White-Sand Beaches Other Than Boracay and Palawan

5 Must-Visit White-Sand Beaches Other Than Boracay and Palawan

The Philippines is blessed with beautiful natural respites many tourists love. Popular destinations such as Boracay and Palawan are prized for their white-sand beach resorts and stunning coastal environment. These two spots receive thousands of visitors every year and continue to cater to visitors’ leisure and wellness needs.

However, Boracay and Palawan aren’t the only white-sand paradises that will take your breath away! Yes, there are other beach resorts with ivory sand beaches and majestic blue waters you should visit on your next vacation. Here are five of them:

Dumaluan Beach (Panglao Island, Bohol)

Panglao Island is the beach hotspot of Bohol, with Alona Beach being the most popular resort. But the island has another white-sand beach resort that doesn’t get that much credit and is equally beautiful as Alona.

Dumaluan Beach has a long line of coconut trees and expansive white ivory-like sand. Its shores meet the aquamarine waters, creating a beautiful crisp line between land and sea. And while it is less known than Alona, Dumaluan Beach is accessible via network roads and sea travel.

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If you live in a Bacolod apartment for rent or a house for rent in Bacolod City, you can plan your next vacation in Dumaluan Beach. Marvel at this new scenery and take a break from your usual trips to Boracay, Cebu, and Guimaras Island.

Paliton Beach (San Juan, Siquijor)

Siquijor might be known for its tales of witchcraft and mythical creatures, but the mystical island doesn’t lack beach destinations perfect for those who want a serene vacation setting. Perhaps Siquijor’s real magic lies in its pristine respites, such as Paliton Beach in the town of San Juan.

Paliton Beach can be likened to Boracay Island sans the inflow of tourists. The resort offers calming foliage that complements the white sand shores and turquoise waters. Such scenery is perfect for lazing in your hammock or outdoor swing with a cold beverage in hand.

At Paliton Beach, you’ll also enjoy other activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and cliff diving. Wanderlusts living in a house for rent in Dumaguete will have no problems satiating their love for adventure as Paliton Beach is accessible from their residences.

Palaui Island (Sta. Ana, Cagayan)

Located at the northeastern tip of Luzon lies Palaui Island, a national park and protected area of a vast, undisturbed coral reef ecosystem. It also serves as a habitat for over 21 species of fish, 90 migratory birds, and over 30 species of trees and shrubs. Palaui Island is indeed a paradise that lets humans and different flora and fauna enjoy nature’s gifts.

Palaui Island’s most notable spot is Cape EngaΓ±o, where tourists can find a centuries-old lighthouse. Atop the lighthouse is the stunning view of Palaui Island’s vast beauty. Treading the stairs to the lighthouse’s peak may take effort, but the scenery will be worth every step.

And because Palaui Island is located close to the Pacific Ocean, sea currents get intense, and waves can get huge during the typhoon season between July to October. That said, make sure to plan your vacation accordingly.

Islas de Gigantes (Carles, Iloilo)

Want to explore different islands in one beach resort? Head over to Islas de Gigantes in Carles, Iloilo. Also called Gigantes Island, this beach resort comprises several islands situated in the northeastern part of Iloilo province. The most popular islet, Cabugao Gamay, is known as Selfie Island due to the gorgeous lush greenery perfect as a background for your photos.

Other islets within Islas de Gigantes include Bantique Island and Antonia White Sand Beach. At Bantique Island, you’ll enjoy a remote spot where you can walk on the soft sand while basking under the warm sun and swimming in azure waters.

On the other hand, Antonia White Sand Beach features spectacular rock formations and a cape-like ivory-white sand bar. Such beauty deserves to be on your social media feeds and favorite vacation spots list.

Panampangan Island (Tawi-Tawi)

Now if you’re looking for seclusion and serenity, Panampangan Island in Tawi-Tawi province is the right place for you. Tawi-Tawi is the remotest province of Mindanao, yet many tourists still travel to the island to enjoy its splendid coastal destinations.

Panampangan Island’s must-visit spot is its three-kilometer-long sand bar. Hailed as the longest sand bar in the Philippines, it has powdery white sand that contrasts sharply with its surrounding aquamarine sea. The white sand bar also has a stretch of coconut trees that add beautiful greens to the place.

In addition, Panampangan Island’s shallow waters make it a zen spot for swimming and lazing around the shore. Such a spot is perfect for those who need to detach from the rush and noise of the city.

These five white-sand beach destinations are just among the hidden gems of the Philippines. Plan your next getaways in these spots and enjoy the country’s stunning beauty, one white-sand beach at a time.


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