Travel Tips for First Time Travelers to Manila

Travel Tips for First Time Travelers to Manila Philippines

If you are traveling to Manila for the first time, then you are just at the right page. As a first-time visitor or a foreigner, you have perhaps heard a lot about Manila and are a bit apprehensive because of some scary stories doing their rounds. However, if you believe those false stories, you are sure going to miss out on visiting and exploring one of the most incredible cities of the world that ranks high on the bucket list of every vacationer.

Manila is a popular stop for low-cost carriers and adventurous travelers who are not afraid to explore the beaches, jungles, and culture of the Philippines for themselves.

Why visit Manila?

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is famous for its numerous attractions for locals and tourists. The weather is excellent, and there is a lot to do and see here as a visitor. The entire metropolitan area of Manila is made of several cities.

When to visit Manila?

The right time to visit Manila is from December-May when the season is dry, and from June-November when the season is rainy. Avoid the month of March-May when the temperatures are soaring, and the climate is hot and humid.

Where to stay in Manila?

The Poblacion area in Makati is one of the most popular as it is closer to the business district. You are always closer to the restaurants, bars, and convenience stores wherever you stay in this area.

How to move around in Manila?

You will never run out of choices when exploring Manila, and one can take regular taxis or public buses. Public jeepneys are also used widely but may not be the most comfortable, and the MRT subway system is another ideal and convenient mode of transportation for tourists.

What to do and see in Manila?

As mentioned before, there are plenty to do and see here in Manila, and here are some great options.
  • Visit The National Museum, which is internationally renowned and showcases Philippine art history. Do visit Juan Luna’s Spoliarium to marvel at the exhibit and what it holds.
  • Enjoy Manila Bay sunset, and you can pick from several vantage points to get a great view. Just look for signs pointing you to Seaside Boulevard and pick any spot that appeals to you.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, then head straight for the Dessert Museum and enjoy those candy-filled attractions that are both fun and unique!
  • Explore Greenhills Shopping Center for some great shopping and bargaining experience. Go ahead and haggle to shop for jewelry, clothing, fashion, phones, gadgets, shoes, bags, etc.
  • Those with families can visit then The Mind Museum and spend a couple of hours there with their kids. Learn about magnetic fields, Bernoulli’s Principle, and Einstein’s theory of gravity.
  • Book a massage at a reputed massage parlor, and you can certainly get a great massage at a very low price! so Just ask your hotel and get references to avoid the shady massage parlors and get an authentic experience.


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