3 Tips for the Perfect Van Life Experience

3 Tips for the Perfect Van Life Experience

Nothing says exciting, millennial adventure quite like the "Van Life" phenomenon.

Avid van life adventurers suggest putting in a significant amount of time and strategic thinking into preparing for your trip. Read on for a few of their top tips on how to ensure the best van life trip experience possible. 

1. Construct Your Van Properly

Of course, all the most beautiful views in the world will still be utterly unenjoyable if the van itself lacks any of the essential comforts. Even the most extreme adventurers are acutely aware of how easily a poor van setup can put a damper on your plans in the blink of an eye. 

From not getting enough rest due to lack of a good bed area to spending a lot of unnecessary money eating out because you don’t have suitable cooking accommodations, van life can be the opposite of a fun, innovative way to travel. 

For more involved construction projects — such as adding electrical wiring or building out a separate area for sleeping or eating — you might want to hire an expert or get some professional training with the contractortrainincenter.com

2. Make a Budget

Usually, van life adventures tend to be longer than the average vacation. After all, it’s more about the journey than the destination. 

A long trip also means a prolonged period when you are not making an income. Even if working remotely is an option, travel inevitably involves unexpected expenses. 

You could get a flat tire or have to see a doctor suddenly. Or perhaps you just come across a nice restaurant, or must-see tourist site that breaks that comes out to be a little tougher on the wallet than anticipated. 

Whatever the case, you don’t want money issues to cause undue stress to your trip, and you also don’t want to hold yourself back from enjoying the little surprises that come up along the way. 

Making a budget and sticking to it will allow you to have a good time while not feeling like your trip will leave you bankrupt. 

3. Communicate with Your Travel Partner

Life on the road can seem idyllic, with many exciting possibilities and space to roam. 

Road trips also bring up unexpected difficult circumstances, such as car troubles or incorrect map directions. You and your travel partner could also have some significant disagreements about what direction to head off in next or whose turn it is to drive. 

No matter the circumstances, make sure that you and your partner constantly communicate thoroughly about your wants, needs, and mental health on the trip. The open road can be challenging to navigate, but smooth sailing will be far more likely if you’re working as a team. 


If you are an adventurous person, then a van life excursion could be one of the best trips you ever take in your life. 

Road tripping offers the opportunity to see more sites, meet new people and travel without typical limitations. 

Before you drive off into the sunset, however, make sure both you and your vehicle are completely prepared so that van life doesn’t turn into van strife.


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