The most impressive waterfalls in America

The most impressive waterfalls in America

The waterfalls manage to impress everyone with their ability to send millions of gallons of water rushing to the ground, creating a natural spectacle. That's why we looked for the most impressive in the United States, to experience this phenomenon in all its glory.

Palouse Waterfalls, Washington

The waters of the official waterfall of Washington fall into an impressive gorge with momentum from 70 meters in a natural, heavenly basin of the river of the same name, creating a spectacular show, water, wind and foam.

Niagara Falls, NY

Tourists and locals often disagree about which of the two countries has the best view, but neither is true. Undoubtedly the best view is from the water. Starting with the most famous waterfalls near New York and the United States-Canada border, Niagara Falls is the most dynamic water accumulation in North America. Together all three waterfalls have the highest and strongest water flow on the planet.

Yosemite Waterfalls, California

They are a landmark in the American West and can be seen from almost anywhere in the valley of the same name in California. As impressive as the waterfalls - which are the tallest in North America at 740 meters - are the granite slopes surrounding it and the Giant Sequoia trees, which compose a magnificent landscape.

Manawaiopuna Falls, Kauai Hawaii

Famous for his appearance in Steven Spielberg's film Jurassic Park. You will find it on the island of Cowie in Hawaii, adorning the Hanapepe Valley, which is private, but many aerial excursions are made for visitors to see the island. The spectacle is truly breathtaking.

Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, Tennessee

It is an underground waterfall that flows into the Lookout Mountains in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It flows 700 meters below the ground and uniquely adorns the cave of the same name. The beauty of the landscape is complemented by the natural lake that is created inside.

Ramona Falls, Oregon

Ramona Falls belongs to the Sandy River, which crosses the forest along the Pacific Crest Trail. Its waters fall from a height of 37 meters into an anarchic stone wall that creates many smaller waterfalls.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona

The secret waterfall of the Grand Canyon creates a beautiful natural pool with its turquoise waters falling from a height of 30 meters. The landscape at this point of the gorge is in stark contrast to the rest of the landscape of the reddish, dry gorge. Of course, this point is only accessible by car, as there is no other travel option for you. If you are travelling in this area and do not own a vehicle, then you can turn to the choice of a rental car through the company Enjoy Travel, which covers its branches throughout the United States. The best time to visit it is in the fall because the humidity and heat make the area sometimes unbearable for travellers in summer.

Ribbon Falls, California

Yosemite National Park has many beautiful waterfalls, but the most impressive on the list is the Ribbon. It is the largest single waterfall in North America, and the best way to see it is from the bottom up. It looks like it came from a gorge in the sky.


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