Karambol Cambodia Itinerary: 10 Things Every Tourist must Keep in Mind in Cambodia

Cambodia Travel Guide and Itinerary

Do you want to record the most memorable tour of Cambodia? You must have got a list of must-visit places, but how about some surprises that will await you if you go unprepared?

Well, if you haven’t known them yet, from our Karambol Cambodia itinerary guide, we’ve got you these 10 tips to have an excellent time. Let’s get started.

1. ATM Fees shouldn’t Annoy you.

You might not mind paying a small transaction fee in your home country. But Cambodia suddenly turns into a “bad boy” when almost every bank charges you with an extra $5 for each withdrawal, no matter how pretty the amount is. Yet, having known in advance lets you manage your finances and remain calmer during the Cambodia itinerary.

2. Cambodia Itinerary doesn’t Mean a Month-long Trip.

“Don’t pack your entire home. You’re not going to stay for months.” Yep, the case is genuine when you’re going to Cambodia. In 2-3 weeks, you can manage to visit almost every tourist destination in Cambodia.

It’s what the tour organizers have already planned for your 2-3 weeks' trip. Finally, you’ll feel fully satisfied in the end with an economical trip.

3. Cambodian Transportation is no Loveeeee.

Have you been accustomed to a disciplined schedule for your ferries, tuk-tuk, or buses? Forget them for a moment.

The reason is, in Cambodia, they never care for the time. So, you should also not.

Instead, always have a second plan, how you’ll be spending your time more creatively with your cell phone, favorite magazine, friends, or even a nearby stall food. Be mindful, don’t mistake it with late booking — always book them in advance, but don’t pay the tuk-tuk driver before they leave.

4. Pack your Shorts to Bath at Hot Beaches.

How many denims did you get last season? The time will be suitable to use them because the hot Cambodian beaches are the best place to use them. The climate is hot there, and you can wear whatever you have.

5. Some Places are Super Strict on How You Should Dress.

Cambodia is a country with Asian modesty. So, they expect the same from tourists too. Therefore, at some traditional places, you have to follow some dress code.

For instance, you should cover your shoulder at the temples with a scarf. In contrast, at the Royal Palace, scarves are prohibited. Instead, you should wear a T-shirt and loose trousers. So, it’ll be a better idea to roam in a shirt and trousers and carry a scarf in your bag.

6. Avoid Tempting Scooter Renting.

To save money and make the best use of your time, you might consider renting a scooter as a lucrative option. But, we’ll advise you not to fall victim to such a tricky choice unless you have insurance in your country.

7. Cambodia Itinerary is Beyond Fun.

Yep, if you take notes of Cambodian history, observe art and engage with the guide to learn more about Cambodia, you’ll get actual value out of your Cambodian trip. To put it simply, your trip will be more beach visits, massages, and nightlife.

8. Get Ample Time for Angkor Wat.

Just a big temple at Angkor Wat can demand one day if you have insufficient knowledge. However, the truth is, this temple comprises up to 20 temples in a 250 sq miles area. If you have ever been in quest of peace, prolong your stay here.
To study the temples, you get passes for three periods: one day, three days, and seven days. In my opinion, you should get the three days-pass to be on a budget.
At UNESCO world heritage, you should also see that marvelous sunrise. So, it’s possible in 2-days visits only.

9. It’s better to Love Kids but not Buying from them.

You can meet many children selling you postcards or some other things during your Cambodia itinerary. You might believe that buying from these kids will help them earn some money to pay their fees at school. Correct yourself. You’ll only become a part of “hidden beggary.”

More interestingly, you can be fooled further if a cute kid comes with another kiddo holding in his arms and asks you to buy some milk to feed him from the nearby shop. They return this milk for the money to the seller when you’re out of sight — a vicious cycle continues.

10. The Beauty Service Offering Ladies at Beach Can Inflame you.

You might smile seeing a lady coming towards you. Beware if she is carrying any bag. She can be a remote worker to offer you a massage or hair wax. “It's not annoying,” you might think.

But how about seeing a lady every 10 minutes and telling her “NOOOOO” for the next 15 minutes? The best way can be to be indifferent.

Final Thoughts

Cambodia, indeed, is among the hottest tourist spots. Yet, for you Cambodia internet, going unaware can cause trouble. We hope this short guide will help you go prepared and expect more pleasure.


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