Revolutionize your Air Travel with these Easy-peasy Tips

Revolutionize your Air Travel with these Easy-peasy Tips

Let's face it. Air travel is no longer enjoyable in today's world. Remember how much you used to enjoy being at the airport or on the plane as much as the actual trip?

Well, they're long gone, my friend. From perplexing security checks that seem to change rules from airport to airport to seats that get smaller with each flight, flying can be a downright unpleasant experience at times.

The costliest component of most trips is the airfare, but there are a few other variables that can make or break your journey. Even though recently fairs for transatlantic flight rates have decreased in recent years, they can still put a significant dent in any travel budget.

This reduction has been a game changer for me, as I've been fortunate enough to travel through the Philippines multiple times with some of the best deals for cheap flights to the Philippines and spend nearly six months exploring this incredible country.

From towering volcanoes and untouched coral reefs to green jungles, hidden rivers, mammoth caves, and some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls, the country has it all. You can snorkel through WWII wrecks, sleep in the jungle, and explore limestone cave systems deep underground.

Finding a cheap flight can make or break your trip, but if you don't fly smartly, many other things can be a pain and ruin your trip.

Revolutionize your Air Travel with these Easy-peasy Tips

7 Tips To Ease Your Air Travel

Here are a few tips to revolutionize and ease your air travel:


This may seem mundane, but we hear about a lot of travelers who arrive at the airport at the last minute.

We once waited 45 minutes for our airport shuttle to arrive from the parking lot.

There is no other choice, just as we depend on online flight booking for our flight reservations. We have no choice but to stand and wait because no taxis pass by the ParknFly. We still arrive early on our flights, even though we fly about 100,000 miles a year.

I've spoken with other full-time travelers who share my sentiments. Why take the chance, they argue? Arrive early and take it easy.


We normally book our parking online, but did you know that you can upgrade to valet parking for just $20 more (online only)? Valet parking takes precedence, and there are more shuttles open. You will never be kept waiting for more than eight minutes. It doesn't matter because you'll be waiting inside!

If you're flying somewhere warm in the middle of winter, you can leave your bulky winter coats in the car and board a heated shuttle that will take you door-to-door.

Give them a call from the airport when you return, and they'll have your car warmed up, scraped off, and ready for you when you return.


We always check-in through the website. This saves you a lot of time from having to wait in line at the teller.

For those who have already checked in online, most airlines now have a luggage drop-off only site. You've completed all of the necessary paperwork, and all you need to do now is drop off your belongings.


Better still, fly with only luggage you can carry.

You won't need much clothing if you're flying south. Pack a few sarongs, shorts, wrinkle-free socks, and a cute strappy dress or two for the ladies, and you're good to go.

Many hotels have shampoo, conditioner, and soap, and small tubes of toothpaste are adequate for a week's worth of usage. Furthermore, you can still purchase what you require at the gift shop.


Consider what you can and cannot carry with you on the plane. Don't carry it if you're not sure!

If you have a pointy item, a liquid greater than 100ml, or an aerosol can, it will be taken away and thrown away by police. Start packing ahead of time, and then go through your luggage once or twice before leaving to pare down your belongings.

We have a lot of mix-and-match clothes that we can put together in a variety of outfits with only 3 to 5 bits.


When checking in and going through registration, we also bring our computers in a separate canvas shopping bag for easy access and to reduce the weight in our carry-on. We put on slip-on shoes and put on clean, nice socks.

Except for our passport and boarding pass, we still have everything put away before going through screening. Nothing is ever carried in our pockets. It's best to keep things easy.


Our iPads are always filled with TV shows, movies, and books. On an airplane, you can never rely on the entertainment system to work.

It happens to us many times a year, trust me. We've sat in our seats and turned on the screen, but nothing works.

The airline often gives us a voucher for miles in exchange for our annoyance, but that never works. Fortunately, we have our must-see movie on the iPad, so we can enjoy our flight regardless.

Keeping all these factors in mind you will end up having a great and hassle-free trip starting from your home to your destination try to keep everything simple and tidy to make the most out of your trip.


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