5 Islands in the Philippines for Weekend Getaways

5 Islands in the Philippines for Weekend Getaways

Travel and Tourism have played an important role in the rising economy of every country. Of all the favorite destinations for the people in the past decade, the hype of Philippines being an amazing tourist destination has rapidly grown. Whether you are from any other continent or Asia, chances are you are exposed to the Philippines’ white sand beaches and aqua crystal clear waters on the internet or a magazine.

Coming to Filipinos and residents in the country, we are sure that everyone must go through a hectic week because of work stress, house-hold responsibilities and much more. To keep the worries and strain away, a weekend getaway in budget is a must for soothing relaxation and breather. With over 7,000 islands in the country's territory, you will not have restrictive choices to explore. Pack your bags for the weekend and set off on a beautiful adventure by considering the following listed top islands for a perfect holiday.

1. Bantayan Island

Located in Cebu, this island makes a number on our list. Bantayan is a perfect place for Cebu's natural beauty of marble white sand, turquoise blue waters, and mighty long palm trees. The beaches ensure to make the visitors enjoy in a relaxing environment. With regular maintenance and cleanliness, beaches on the island including Alice beach is an enjoyable destination and safe for kids where you can walk barefoot, and not worry about the seaweeds or broken glass. Virgin island is near, so visit it for a breathtaking view, boat rowing and fish feeding for a wholesome experience.

2. Panglao Island

If you are all worked up, stressed by your monotonous work schedule, Panglao Island in Bohol will surely help you retain your relaxed and calm self. Not only Bohol is home to chocolate hills, but white sandy beaches as well. Panglao Island is a tropical paradise with coral reefs and beautiful marine life. Activities like diving, viewing Dolphins, and much more is to explore on the island. The most popular beach in Panglao is Alona beach that has many resorts, watersport activities, and wild nightlife. Hit the disco bars, clubs, and restaurants for an exciting beach night. For more activities to experience in Bohol, make sure to apply kkday promo code from a popular booking website, kkday where you can reserve your package for a full-fledged adventure.

3. Siargao Island

The pristine and entirely fascinating view and feeling of this Island is a must experience once in a lifetime for everyone. Throughout the years, the island has grown from a surfing capit to an all-round beach getaway even for foreigners. The hotels and restaurants are available widespread in the central town of General Luna so no visitor should have a problem with finding a place to eat, stay and shop here. Enjoy the serenity and calm environment of the natural breeze while on Siargao island and rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally.

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4. Mati

An underrated and off from a traveler’s radar, Mati is filled with natural wonders that will leave you in amazement. Aside from tasty cuisine, the city’s premier beach destination, Dahican Beach is a must-visit. The best way to start your day at the beach is by taking a plane ride at the time of sunrise that will create an adrenaline rush. Surf, skim-board, and possibly witness the Pawikans lay their eggs on the shore!

5. El Nido

Being an all-time favorite destination for locals and foreigners, El Nido Island in Palawan is a place you can't miss out upon. Composed of four main islands, Miniloc, Lagen, Apulit, and Pangulasian, El Nido is a complete holiday destination. All their magnificent beaches, glistening waters, watersport activities will help you to escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. Make sure to go for scuba diving and snorkeling to appreciate and explore the island’s beautiful marine creatures. Resorts are also available to entertain families and visitors with cultural performances, board games, indoor activities, etc. Book your El Nido tours from klook and apply the klook promo code at the time of online booking so you can enjoy the tour at an amazing price.

Weekends are fun, but getting away for the weekend on the beaches of the Philippines is better! Explore these extraordinary islands and their beaches and make sure to make your trip even more memorable by cheerful activities such as island tours, city tours, private tours in Cebu and much more while staying at hotels. Avail these great ventures from websites like Rezeem.ph that have online stores for you to book your flights, adventures, tours and much more at affordable prices. These natural treasures help the locals and foreigners to get closer to nature and fulfill the void of calmness by delivering a fun experience. Recharge your spirit with an ethereal sunset, swim with marine creatures in their natural habitat, and finally relax and nourish yourself from the goodness of lagoons.

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