Places to visit in Cuba

Things to do and Places to visit in Cuba
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One of the most exciting and interesting places in the whole world, Cuba is one of the go-to destinations that should be on your bucket list. The country is full of interesting stories and the culture here makes it extremely interesting and fun. No matter if you are thinking about a family vacation, a group trip or even visiting it solo, Cuba has something to offer to anybody.

1. Havana

The capital city of Cuba is famous for its gorgeous colonial architecture and the lively nightlife. The city can be considered a live museum thanks to the colorful buildings and vintage cars. The city is also one of the hot spots for professional photographers and even for honeymoons thanks to its mixture between the old communist style and the modern vibes.

In Havana, you will be able to visit the Museum of Revolution, the old streets and cafes and of course, the cigar factories. Cuban cigars are renowned for being the very best in the whole world and you will get the unique chance to see how they are made.

Some of the oldest Cuban cigar factories are located right in the heart of the city and the whole production process will amaze you. As bonus points, you will also be able to buy these premium delights right off the production line.

2. Trinidad

Considered by many the hidden gem of Cuba, Trinidad offers the most spectacular buildings in Cuba. Smaller and quieter than Havana, Trinidad is the ultimate location for architecture lovers. The streets are very quiet and beautiful and they offer great cafes and restaurants where you can socialize with the locals.

Things to do and Places to visit in Cuba
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Trinidad is also famous for the dance clubs in which you will come into contact with the great Latin culture. No matter how good you are at dancing, have no worries! The locals are very friendly and they will help you become a great dancer in no time.

This city is also a great spot for foodies. It is notorious that Latin cuisine is amazing and here you will be able to taste the famous Spanish pork that conquered the world. Besides this dish, many other recipes will make you leave Cuba with extra kilos.

3. Varadero

Cuba is an excellent place for beach and sea, no matter the season. The warm weather and amazing nature make this country the ultimate summer destination all-year-round. One of the best places to get tan lines in Cuba is Varadero. It is located just a short drive from the capital city and it offers accommodation for all budgets.

Things to do and Places to visit in Cuba
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The white sand, crystal-clear water and the famous cavern system located in the area give the unique beauty of this place. The city is great for families, groups of friends and couples thanks to the great diversity of activities and the warm atmosphere.

4. Santiago de Cuba

If you are a great fan of history, Santiago de Cuba is the place to go. The city is famous for its 16th-century architecture and for the fact that it was founded right after the Spanish conquest. The place is unique in Cuba and Latin America in general thanks to its untouched fortresses and castles that keep the history of Cuba alive.

Things to do and Places to visit in Cuba
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Many museums are open for the public in which you will come into contact with the great history of this country. The place is also located right on the shoreline and you will also be able to sunbathe in this landmark of Cuban history. As bonus points, this place is also famous for the amazing creole cuisine.

5. Vinales

Lush, wild and simply beautiful, Vinales is the best place to go if you are an outdoor fan. The small and gorgeous area is located right in the heart of the country and it offers breath-taking views. This place is also famous for its ancient tobacco farms and the quiet countryside atmosphere.

The area is also famous for its protected rain forests that are home to some of the rarest animals and plants in the world. You will get the chance to see some of the most exotic animals while admiring the calm and serene countryside atmosphere of this area.

Things to do and Places to visit in Cuba
Credits: depositphotos.com

To better understand the uniqueness of this area, Vinales Valley is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage for its unique houses, communities and of course, the gorgeous nature. You will also get the chance to live in the rural huts to better understand the simple and calm life of the Cuba countryside.

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