3 Reasons to Visit Cuba’s Incredible Capital Now

Reasons to Visit Havana Cuba
Havana by Night. Photo by Crisijuan0 via Wikipedia Commons.

The city’s colonial past and communist present make for a unique combination that makes Havana one of the most lively and most beautiful cities on earth. A place where salsa rhythms reverberate through the streets and the hum of Cadillac’s is music to your ears, Havana’s old-worldly charm captivates thousands of tourists’ year upon year. So, what exactly is it about heady Havana that makes it so mezmerising?

1. Colonial Architecture

The crumbling, colourful buildings which line Havana’s streets are what make the city so Instagram perfect. From the traditional colonial buildings in Old Havana which were used when the city was a major trading port to the more modern Art Deco inspired buildings, there’s so much to see and explore. Visit Havana with Cuba Holidays to experience what the city has to offer and you’ll be able to stay right in the heart of the action, with hotels available which are overlooking the incredible colonial squares. Although some buildings can look a little run down when you first arrive, the preserved architecture is what makes the city so unique and something you’ll appreciate more the longer your stay.

2. Party Atmosphere

You would be forgiven for thinking you’d made a wrong turn and arrived at the Rio Carnival when you discover just how much the Cuban people love to party. With a booming live music scene and lots of rum bars and cabanas lining the city’s streets, it’s a place where you can let your hair down so be sure to visit the numerous Old Havana bars. It’s completely acceptable to sit in the streets and drink so if you’re on a budget grabbing some beers and soaking up at the party atmosphere is a must.

3. The US Embargo

Relations between the USA and Cuba have been strained since like 1950s but since President Obama lifted the trading Embargo, this looks set to change. A greater increase in tourism may mean that Havana’s unique charm is lost to make way for commercialisation. The retro charm of the city is all down to the fact that modernisation hasn’t changed the place but with the trading embargo lifted this means imports and exports are sure to change the atmosphere of the city, so it’s recommended that you visit sooner rather than later.

With so much to see and more, there’s endless reasons why you should visit Havana’s capital and even more reason to do so now before it changes forever.

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