5 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Green Juice Daily

Think of juice, and you’ll think of juices in colors of red, yellow, orange, but hardly evergreen. If a gulp of liquified veggies might not sound too appetizing to you, we’ll give you some very good reasons why you should incorporate green juice into your diet in a tasty way. Sooner than later, you’ll appreciate how green juice will have a positive impact on your health.

Green juice comes from veggies like kale, spinach, cucumbers and celery. The green color in the juice is the chlorophyll; the same thing that plants use during photosynthesis to obtain energy from sunlight. Usually, green juice is mixed with a little bit of fruit juice to give it a more delicious taste. But be careful that it doesn’t taste too sweet. You can create your own healthy green juice at home where you control how much sweetness to add with homemade recipes. The correct recipes, however, will give you the right amount of sweetness, with the nutritional value.

It’s time to go green with these 5 great benefits of green juice!

Great for skin and hair

Green juice can be packed with Vitamin A, which grows and repairs skin cells. Vitamin A helps your new skin cells to grow faster. This will bring fresher and younger looking skin to the surface. If you’re suffering from hair loss due to a vitamin deficiency, green juice can help because it’s got everything to keep your hair strong. Also, vitamin C will add collagen, which is a main ingredient for both healthy skin and hair.

High energy level

Greens and most fruits are body fueling proteins, and can also contain vitamin B6, which is which is what helps you properly digest your food and assists your body. Our bodies also need a healthy blood flow, and this can be helped by consuming enough iron which is also present in green juice.

Supports fat loss

Vegetable consumption has been linked to fat loss. Because green juice helps to boost metabolism and curb your appetite, it can play an important role in weight loss.


No matter how careful you are, your body is constantly exposed to toxins. All these toxins put a huge strain on your liver. When you drink a glass a day of green juice, it will help protect your liver from toxins because of the many healthy ingredients in it.

Alkalizing the body

It cleans the blood, liver, digestive tracts and kidneys. The most significant advantage of green juice is that it contains less sugar than other fruit juices. Alkalizing and raising the pH level of your body allows your body to function at its optimum level.

Green juice is not a trend, but a lifestyle. You’re actually filling your body with all the right veggies and fruits. Green juice also enables your body to absorb nutrients from leafy greens and vegetables. It’s also more convenient to drink than to eat because your body needs to break down food to get nutrients, but with a green juice, all the nutrients are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, so you'll benefit instantly.

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